Pleating Fun

Last month, I spent a few hours practicing draping and pleating on my dressform, Pinhead. (Yes, I named my dressform.) Basically, I pleated, pinned, took a million pics, unpinned, and started over (x10). It was really fun. I didn’t sew anything, though I really like some of the results and hope to use the ideas later.

You can’t quite tell in the pictures because I was creative with how I took the pictures, but each piece of fabric is multiple yards long. In the set where there’s three colors of fabric, it’s about … 10 yards in total. The green skirt is five yards of hideous, prom-dress worthy fabric. The sheer tonnage of fabric is problematic for actual sewing because you end up with this huge lump of fabric on the side. So there are some kinks that need to get worked out before I can really sew any of these skirts.

Anyway, have fun looking at pretty pictures. Click on the images for full-size images and the full descriptions.

What do you think?

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