What’s in the Sketchbook – Volume 1 Issue 1

I keep a sketchbook of random fashion sketches. Some of them are ideas for future projects. Some are renditions of awesome dresses from Pinterest that I use to get better at sketching. Some are fantastical costume ideas that are impossible to translate into actual clothes.

So once a month, I’ll upload the best of that month’s sketches. Hopefully, we’ll see my drawing and my taste getting better.

Lots of them have illegible notes in the margins. Decipher them, ignore them, whatever. And none of them are colored – I’m not that daring yet. If one turns into a real project idea, I’ll post fabric swatches and more detailed sketches.

Okay, enough blabbering. Onto the pretty pictures…


So I see this jacket as a really sleek dark denim jacket with a contrast yoke (that part at the top, you sewing noobs). But not in a tacky way; in a super-sleek way with fine-weave, so-dark-it-looks-like-regular-fabric denim and a yoke of the same color, just a slightly softer material.  The kind of jacket that would have a comfy home in a sleek, dark, YA book. Capice?

Here’s a random ballgown sketch. It’s not for actually sewing, just ideas. I mean, look at that skirt and tell me you don’t want to wear it. The bodice sketch is … I don’t remember. Hmmm … I guess it might have been an idea for the same dress.

I want to make myself a blazer for speech and debate competitions so I was playing around with collar variations, especially peak collars. I think I might make one of these variations soon, though I’ll have to modify a pattern to do it and there aren’t a lot of blazer patters out there, at least not ones I want to work with. Marfy has some good ones I might look into.

That’s about it for right now. More next month!

What do you think?

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