Flowers in Death Valley

So I spent the first half of my Spring Break vacation in Death Valley, CA. I normally wouldn’t do a post about it but …

There are flowers in Death Valley. Guys. Flowers in Death Valley.

Okay, maybe some background information would be useful. Wild flowers in Death Valley aren’t an annual thing. The last really impressive flower year was 2005, which gives you a sense of how rare it is. Basically, they can only grow and bloom when there’s enough rain at the right time (not so easy to come by in a desert).

Which is why it’s so freaking cool that there are tons of flowers this year.

I should note that I only saw the part of the park around Stovepipe Wells Campground and Wildrose, so I don’t know what the flowers look like in the rest of the park. But they are amazing on the Wildrose Road (the pictures at the top are from there).

I did my best to ID the flowers with help from my awesome grandparents and their Death Valley flower books, but I probably screwed one or two up. If you figure out a better ID, just comment on the post and I’ll fix it.

One more thing. This was really an amazing experience for me, seeing flowers in Death Valley – like, bucket-list worthy. So a big shout out to my aforementioned awesome grandparents for taking me. Hugs 😀

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