Say hello to Blowhole

Because procrastination gets boring when you run out of shows to watch (really, BBC? you had to cancel Merlin?) and even Pinterest has its limits, I spent last Sunday starting stuffed animals for my little sisters. (The quarter was ending and I had a ton of stuff to do, but none of it was due yet, so I had no motivation. Yeah, yeah, yeah – my work ethic could use some work.)

So why stuffed animals? Well, little sister #2 asked if I could sew her something last weekend before I saw her next and stuffed animals seemed like the right thing. And I’d never made one before, but I had some patterns lurking on my Pinterest boards that I wanted an excuse to try.

I decided on this really cute whale idea, with inspiration from here but a self-drafted pattern because I wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own. I cut a first draft out of pink fleece and this cute flannel plaid and started sewing. It was surprisingly easy. I mean, there are some kinks I need to work out and my hand sewing could use some work (hehe … haven’t practiced that for a while), but for a first stuffed animal, I’m really happy.

Meet Blowhole. I’ll make better ones for the little sisters because he (she?) is staying with me. I’m kinda attached to the little guy. And I think Pinhead is too. Pinhead and Blowhole: mascots of Strings Attached.

Updates coming on the final drafts for the little sisters.

What do you think?

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