Another Day Passed and I’ve Never Used Trigonometry … Crap

Yes, it’s official. I had to use trigonometry to make my Red Riding Hood Cape.


For a blog dedicated to everything I do outside of school … even seeing the word “trigonometry” makes me want to cry. But … alas.

So, why did I need trig? Well, I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest that goes a bit like this:


Basically, you cut your fabric into rectangles (width of fabric by desired length of cloak) and then cut those rectangles into triangles on the diagonal. Then you rearrange the triangles into “kites” that will make up the cloak. I needed to figure out how big each kite would be, degree-wise, so that I knew how many kites I would need.

Which brings me to: tan x = 54/72  or … each triangle’s top angle has a measure of 37º (ish) so each kite is about 75º.

Multiply by 4 and you have 300º of a very, very, very long cloak. And a need for 8 yards of fabric, 9 counting the hood. I guess I should mention that the actual dimensions are a little different because the fabric I found turned out to be 60″ instead of 54″.

Now to cut.

This stage was definitely the most time-consuming and tedious so far. The pieces were so big (60″ by 72″) that I had to move all the furniture in my living room out of the way and there still wasn’t enough room.

To make a boring process short, I’ll summarize with crappy pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sewing was pretty straight-forward. Triangles into kites, kites into cloak. Overall, I’ve put about 3 1/2 hours into cutting and sewing so far.

All that’s left to do is

  • make the hood
  • sew the hood to the cloak
  • finish the seams
  • hem
  • embellish

Ugh. That’s a lot.

What do you think so far?


What do you think?

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