I’ll keep this one short since I don’t have any pretty pictures for you guys to skip to

I’m doing costuming again! Guys! I’m so excited 😀

For those of you who don’t know, last semester, I was the costume designer (read: the entire costume department) for my high school’s freaking incredible production of Twelfth Night, which included lots and lots of sewing and tailoring. I also made my first ever corset for it. Since then, I’ve been itching to do it again — but the big spring musical didn’t need help with costumes 😦

But now…

I’m helping with a local dance studio’s spring show!

It’s just alterations and tailoring, but I’m still really happy. I love having reasons to sew, and easy alterations fit in with my post-homework schedule (grrr … there will be no further mention of homework). And, because the studio is affiliated with a non-profit organization, I will probably be able to get community service hours for it (I’m not paid for it, otherwise).




What do you think?

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