Six Ways to Sunday – The Coat Inspiration Ideas

If you look at my sidebar, you can see that I have a couple things on my plate right now. I’m doing costumes for a local dance studio’s spring show and I’m working on a Little Red Riding Hood costume for myself. So I’m not in danger of running out of things to sew any time soon. It’s more likely that I’m going to run out of time.

So, obviously, I’m starting to brainstorm a new project.

Before you berate me about putting too much on my plate, I should mention that this project is completely conceptual right now and probably won’t make it off the drawing board until summer break starts.

I have an awful sinus headache this weekend and can’t even begin to look at homework (don’t worry, I only have math left) so I’ve been working on colorizing my sketches for this project. And I’ve really just been going in circles.

Let’s take a step back. The original sketch that this entire post is based off of looks like this:
the coat

And my original idea for it looked something like this:
the coat - green version 3
The way I imagine it, the coat will be made out of a heavy green wool and lined in a lighter green from the same family. The color will really showcase the detailing.

Speaking of detailing, here’s my sketch of the back of the jacket that really shows it off:
the coat - back line art
Because I just have so much time and willpower to spend hand-sewing (note the grudging sarcasm), I’m planning on making the vines from twisted strips of brown fabric, possibly a burlap. They’ll then be hand-sewn on and embellished with red beads (to look like berries). The beads will be much smaller than they look in the colorized sketch, so the whole impression will be subtler.

In this version, what I really want is for the coat to look alive – like the vine is literally growing over the coat. The tone of this version is definitely fantasy, from the earthen color scheme to the vines. It’s a costume coat, no doubt about it. Because the focus is on the jacket, the rest of the outfit is pretty simple (high-waist pants, boots, probably some kind of off-white blouse).

So I love this idea. But then I started thinking about it more and I got a whole new idea:the coat - brown version with purple vestIn this version, I’m going steampunk: classic brown color scheme with leather details and a pop of color under the coat for flair. The brown hip bag is a play off of this, a totally awesome accessory that is ten times too expensive for me :(. They’re not shown in the sketch, but I’m definitely going to go all out with the accessorizing here. It’s steampunk – the accessories make it.

So now I have two completely different ideas for the same basic coat – two ideas I am completely in love with.

But I didn’t stop there. No, that would be too easy. Next, I colored this:

the coat - grey version - the good one
This one doesn’t fit into any category. With the right accessories, it could go vaguely dieselpunk, but that’s not even really a thing. What this sketch did was give me the idea of using the coat as part of a three-piece costume suit. That set my mind off on a train of thought that checked in at both Steampunk Station and Would Be Dieselpunk If That Was a Thing Station.

Notice how I’ve changed the shape of the coat into something that’s closer to a tuxedo than the original sketch and I got rid of the big costume collar. I like these two sketches more than their previous versions because they give me more freedom styling-wise. I’m not stuck with the original vaguely-fantasy elements anymore. Now, they can be whatever I want them to be.

I forgot to paste it in from the other sketch, but the steampunk version would obviously come with all the bells and whistles that the original had: the hip bag, earrings, a pocket watch, bracelets, et cetera.

Now here’s the problem: I can’t decide which to make. My favorites are these two sketches:

but I can’t choose. I can’t make both. They are both so much work. 

Which do you like more? Team Steampunk or Team Fantasy? Team Purple Sketch that Doesn’t Have a Name? Comment and let me know!


PS: that wasn’t even all my sketches. Here’s the full collection: (as always, click on an image to see the full description)

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