Penguins and Snowmen – Tablet Case for the Twin

Procrastination, thy name is sewing.

Of course, in this case, sewing was helping me procrastinate on other sewing. Specifically, the sewing I’m supposed to be doing for the local dance studio whose show I’m helping with costumes. And that sewing will get done. I’m seriously going to be on top of it this week.

It just didn’t get done last night.

Instead, this happened.

It’s a case for my twin’s graphic design tablet that she uses to do awesome stuff like color my fashion sketches. It has a pocket for the pen and its USB cord and both close with velcro. The top of the case also closes with velcro.

PS: velcro = better than zippers for things like this. As long as you don’t get the sticky stuff (repeat after me: NEVER, NEVER, NOT EVER WILL I BUY STICKY-BACK VELCRO), sewing it is a breeze (machine sew, not hand) and it holds with no problem.

I wanted this case to have some protective value, so there’s a layer of batting between the lining and the outer layer.

layers detail

To give it some structure, I quilted the layers together. Please note that my marking chalk wouldn’t mark on the flannel, so I did the lines freehand. Which is why they aren’t exactly completely straight. Oops.

Anyway, then I did the pocket. It’s basically just a rectangle sewn onto the front panel with the edges turned under. I sewed the velcro on first to make my life easier.

On goes the pocket. Then it’s right sides together and around three edges like a pillowcase. Trim seams, clip corners, turn–the whole nine yards. I finished the top edge with bias tape (crudily), added the last piece of velcro, and it was done!

My sewing on it is definitely not my best work, but I was procrastinating and I do that badly. I might remake it sometime, but it works for now. And the fabric is awesome.


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