95° in May — Printed Shorts Brainstorming

Yeah, you read that right. It’s May and Southern California is celebrating with highs in the nineties.

Not cool. (No pun intended.) Seriously, whoever is pissing off the weather gods needs to stop. I am not mentally prepared for summer weather yet.

Anyway, the hot weather got me thinking about what I should make next, once I’m done with helping with costumes for a local dance studio (sooner now, rather than later) and my Little Red Riding Hood costume (which is also rapidly approaching completion – more on that soon). And I was pretty sure I wanted to do something with this fabric:

The pattern is commanding (for reference, this picture shows about a 6″x6″ square) and definitely tricky to use. It came as a shirt-skirt combo (which was waaaaaay too much of the print for one outfit) so I seam-ripped the entire thing until I was left with all the pieces. It’s about two yards, I think, when you put them all together.

So the fabric definitely isn’t ideal, but I’m too intrigued by the print to relegate it to the cosmetics case pile. Which brings me back to the hot weather and my need for a new project.

What’s something that is perfect for summer, looks great as a large print, and doesn’t need more than a yard or two of fabric?

*drumroll please*


I’m planning on using this BurdaStyle pattern.


It’s the first time I’ve sewn pants in a while and my first experience with a front zipper, so I decided to keep the pattern pretty simple. I’ve never used a BurdaStyle pattern before, either, so these shorts really are going to be a lot of firsts.

Hopefully, I’ll get the pattern printed and the pieces cut out this week and can start sewing next weekend, though no promises. It really depends on whether I’m in the mood to work on my cloak or these after I finish working on costumes. And I’m sure I’m going to have a ton of homework this week because we are down to the last month of school and that means finals.

C’est la vie. 

I’m really excited for these shorts and would just be so disappointed if it went back to regular May weather and I didn’t have a reason to wear them until, like, June. (Hint, hint, weather gods.)



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