BurdaStyle Patterns have Strings Attached — Printed Shorts Trouble

In my last post, I mentioned that I was planning to use a BurdaStyle pattern to make my pair of Indonesian Print Shorts.

So I bought it. I had to print it out twice because I forgot to uncheck “fit to page” the first time. (Silly me.) So some problems early on but that was just my fault. I taped all the pieces together, cut them out and … wait.

Which size is which?

I mean, all the lines are there. And there’s a size chart in the instructions… but no size markings on any of the lines. And the size chart has twice as many sizes as there are lines…

While I could possibly figure out which size is which eventually, that’s really not how I want to spend my time on this project. And the instructions suck. Not what I want to deal with for my first pair of shorts in forever.

So yeah. BurdaStyle #122A was a total clusterfreak.

There are a few other free BurdaStyle patterns I want to try, so I’m not giving up hope on the whole company yet. But this pattern is totally out. (On a side note: I’m a little confused as to why the other reviews of the pattern didn’t mention the problems.)

I went back to tried-and-true McCalls and picked out M6756 (without the lace, obviously)


Here’s to hoping that Joanns has a sale soon.



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