Navy Shorts – Printed Shorts Test Run

These shorts started out as a stash-busting and pattern-testing project for my Indonesian print shorts. Because of all the bad luck I’ve been having pattern-wise (see here and note that I didn’t even end up using that McCalls pattern because it had bad reviews on, I decided that a test run was necessary. I don’t have enough of the fabric for any big mistakes.

So I pulled a navy cotton out of my stash and started cutting out McCalls 6403.

Definitely one of McCalls worst pattern covers ever, but the pattern had promising reviews, so I decided to give the pleated shorts a shot.

And it went beautifully.

navy shorts


I cut size 10, assuming I’d have to do some fitting and adjusting, but I really didn’t. I ended up doing the fly a little differently because I followed this tutorial and I replaced the cuff with a plain (shorter) hem, but that was all.

It was my first time sewing a fly zipper, so that was exciting. Against my expectations, it actually went really well. It’s not nearly as terrifying as it looks. And I expected some problems with the weight of the zipper (it’s metal) against the light cotton, but it hangs perfectly.


On a whim, I added a layer of lace to the pockets for a little pop of detail.

wpid-20140605_155111-1.jpgI really couldn’t be happier with the pockets. Plus, they’re huge. As an active advocate for pants pocket equality and the owner of many shorts with you-could-fit-a-piece-of-lint-in-there-if-you-really-tried pockets, I’m in heaven every time I come across a pattern with big pockets. (And that’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 for reference, not some tiny iPhone.)

look at that pants pocket equality
look at that pants pocket equality

Best of all, these shorts cost me around $4, including the pattern. All the fabric was from my stash, as was the zipper. Broke seamstress heaven right here.

Overall, I’m amazed by my luck with these shorts. They fit perfectly with almost no alterations and look super cute. I’m definitely going to be using this pattern for my printed shorts, but probably without the pleats. So expect a post on that in the next few weeks.

Speaking of which, it is finally summer. So I should be posting a whole lot more soon 😀

What do you guys think?



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