Samantha’s Summer Sewing Personal Challenge

I have lots of goals for this summer, some academic, some personal, some hobby-related. Initially, my sewing goal was as much as possible in the nine and a half weeks of summer vacation I have; however, since it’s actually started, I’ve been sewing every day. And it’s been awesome.

So my new goal is to sew and/or finish a project every single day. I’m planning on working on everything from personal clothes to costumes to small quilts that my grandmother’s quilt guild donates to a local hospital’s neonatal ICU.

I’m calling it my Summer Sewing Personal Challenge. It’s my personal challenge to myself to see how consistent I can be this summer and how long I can fight off the comatose state I fell into last summer vacation, filled with binge TV watching and hundreds of hours on the internet. During the school year, I tell myself that I don’t have time for sewing between homework and other extracurriculars, so I’m going to prove to myself that I have time for it during summer.

I plan on posting almost every day for the challenge. Go to it’s page to see pictures of all the projects and see the whole posts through the tag (see it on My Plate as well).

summer sewing challenge logo



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