Cosmetics Case Tutorial

Here is my tutorial for my cosmetics case detailed in this post.


Start by cutting 2 10″ x 14″ rectangles of each fabric and the batting. Layer it like this:

cosmetics case DIY

Then mark diagonal lines and stitch them to give the case a quilted look. The lines on this case are 3″ apart and stitched in contrasting black thread.

As you can see in the first picture, it’s really important to pin the layers flat. Otherwise, you get ripples on the bottom layer and it’s just ugly.

Once both rectangles are quilted, baste them together at one edge. Lay a zipper face down along the seam on the wrong side and stitch along both sides. Seam rip the original seam and the zipper is done. Note: if you shorten the zipper, make sure to sew a zipper stop.

Then sew the bottom edges together to make a tube.

cosmetics case DIY


This is a really important step that I almost forgot: unzip the zipper halfway before sewing the ends closed.Seriously. I’ve forgotten before and it sucks. You do all this work and then you can’t get the bag open.

So, unzip the zipper halfway and sew the open edges, making sure to match up the top and bottom seams at the sides.

Okay, this is where it gets weird. It’s really hard to explain it in pictures, so just try it. It makes more sense when you’re holding the project.

Pinch the corner into a triangle.

cosmetics case DIY

And mark a line perpendicular to the side seam. I made mine 2 1/2″ away from the point making the bag about 5″ tall.

cosmetics case DIY

Stitch on this line and repeat for all corners. For reference, this is what it looks like after the first two are finished.

cosmetics case DIY

Finally, trim the corners.

cosmetics case DIY

I didn’t finish the seams, but it’s a good idea to. Then turn it outside-out through the opening left by the open zipper (see the importance?).

And you’re all done.

Viola and good luck!


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