T-Shirt Quilt Prep

As per usual, I am one day late with posting my sewing for my Summer Sewing Challenge. This is my entry for yesterday, June 11th.

For a while now, I’ve been turning over in my head the idea of doing elementary-to-high-school t-shirt quilts for my twin and me for when we go off to college. Which is three long years away. So this isn’t really a planning post, just some work I did on it to help future-me.

In case you don’t know, t-shirt quilts are exactly what they sound like: a quilt made out of t-shirts. One of my favorite examples is from Little Blip.

As you can see, this quilt pulls out all the stops. The shirt designs aren’t in even rows and columns, which really helps bring the quilt together. I can’t decide if I like the lack of color scheme or accents, or if it makes it feel too jumbled.

Anyway, I had a whole stack of elementary and middle school t-shirts taking up room in my dresser. Most of them were too small or just plain uncomfortable. Storing them was getting ridiculous, especially since I won’t be able to start the quilt until I finish high school.


the stack
the stack

So I decided to spend a few minutes cutting the designs off of them. I didn’t bother squaring them off or anything, because I don’t know how I’m going to put the quilt together in three years. And I ended up with three, much more manageable ziplock bags.

the finished product
the finished product

Before you say anything, yes I know this didn’t involve any actual sewing. But there’s a whole lot more to sewing than the actual seams, so I think this is still an acceptable entry in my challenge.





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