Zipper Pouches are a Pain

(This is my entry for June 12th in my Summer Sewing Challenge.)

Today, in a notion-stash-busting move, I decided to try a zipper pouch. My inspiration came from Pinterest (predictably), specifically this photo.

zipper pouch

After going through all my zippers, I found about half a dozen zippers in a related color scheme that were around 7″ long. I went into my fabric stash and found a coordinating green fabric.

zipper case step-by-step

I started by sewing the zippers together. To preserve the zipper effect, I used the smallest seam allowance possible. I had to sew the seams in sections, moving the zipper pulls out of the way periodically. Then I top-stitched the seams flat.

zipper case step-by-step

Once all the zippers were stitched together (and a strip of ribbon was added to help the colors), I pinned the “fabric” to the contrasting green, with the zipper pulls out of the way. I sewed each edge to the green fabric, adding excess of the green for when I turned the bag.

zipper pouch step-by-step

I trimmed the edges to a half-inch seam allowance, opened one zipper all the way for turning later, and sewed the top and bottom edges closed. Then I trimmed the green away and turned the finished bag.

the finished product
the finished product

I have to say, I’m not thrilled with this project. For one thing, the color scheme is kinda bleh. That’s what you get when you stash-bust sometimes. Most of all though, it was a pain in the ass. The combination of the tiny seam allowances and the subsequently-required top-stitching was incredibly tedious.

I do like the concept of the zipper pouch though. It can be opened at any of the zippers, which is cool. If I do this project again, I want to experiment with a tube-shaped pencil case.

My twin loves the case though so I’m giving it to her 😀


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