Octopus Humor and More Etsy News

Yesterday saw yet another cosmetic case. I have to get back to costuming before I get too tired of these bags…

This one started out as a t-shirt as well, like my last one.

octopi cosmetic case Get it? Octopi?

What can I say? My mom’s a cephalopod geek. It’s her old shirt.

And now it’s this:

I lost the word “octopi” in the seam allowance, so I broke out my fabric markers and made a tag for the handle.

octopi cosmetic case


This case ended up a lot bigger than I meant for it to be. It’s 7″ long, 6″ wide, and 5″ tall. It will be on sale in my Etsy shop for $20 (assuming my mom doesn’t steal it first).

–Samantha 😀

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