Jasmine Progress!

Sorry for being so distant lately. I am still alive and still sewing. I’ve just been really lazy on the blogging end.

But I have actually started sewing my Jasmine costume. And it’s going really well.

I’ve impressed myself.


Remember this?

my sketch for the back of the bodice
my sketch for the back of the bodice

See all those little tiles? I made 80 of them, one at a time.

Each tile was individually cut out, then pressed around a template to finish the edge. I used strips of fusible interfacing to hold the pressed edges down and give the tiles some stability. In total, each tile took around 3 minutes.

I’m using a lot of fusible interfacing in this project, partly because I’m too lazy to go out a buy a thread that matches, partly because I don’t think I could find one, and mostly because I really don’t want topstitching to show. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but fusible stuff is working for me.

Then I put the tiles together like this (yes, I used tape – I couldn’t pin it because of the next step). I made one piece for each pattern piece I needed to cut out, so four in total.

jasmine costume tiles

And then I added more.

jasmine costume tiles

And then I flipped it over.

jasmine costume tiles

And covered the whole back in fusible interfacing to keep the thing together.

jasmine costume tiles

I did this four times, then traced the pattern pieces to the back and sewed inside the line.

jasmine costume tiles

And I cut the pieces out.

jasmine costume tiles

When I sewed the pieces together, the tiles awkwardly didn’t match up, so I covered the seams in thin strips of the fabric.

jasmine costume tiles

That is the center back. I’m working on sewing the rest right now and will probably finish up the bodice in the next few days. And then I really should go back and finish Red Riding Hood and take pictures of it. And somewhere in there I need to make Jasmine pants.

I’m super excited with how it’s coming along. For the first time in a long time, my ideas are coming out the way I envisioned them.

What do you think?



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