And now we have a Disney Princess.

I have to say, up until yesterday, I was a little worried about Jasmine. I loved how it was coming together, but something was missing. Something Disney-princess-y.

But I kept going, hoping that something would miraculously change and I wouldn’t get to the end of the project and be stuck frowning like I had a bad taste in my mouth.

And for once, I got my miracle. In the form of a strip of gold fabric.

Jasmine costume

I mentioned the gold in the last post about Jasmine, but I didn’t realize how much of an effect it would have until it was all in place. (As you can see, I also added the sleeves.)

I feel like she looks instantly more like a Disney princess, right?

the gold helps the back too

The sleeves aren’t quite done yet, but they’re all pinned into place. I used a very scientific method of guessing at how long the strips needed to be and cutting out two according rectangles. (Thankfully, they didn’t have to be exact, because my rotary cutter and the slippery silk disagreed on the definition of a straight line.)

Anyway, the sleeves are basically just two rectangles, with the long edges finished and the short edges gathered as much as possible. Then I pinned the gathered edges approximately where an armhole would begin and end and poof–Jasmine sleeve.

They don’t look like much without an arm through them, but trust me that they will look a bit like the original once all is said and done.

see the sleeves? That’s what I’m going for (kinda)

I’m busy tomorrow, so (sadly) there will be no more progress on Jasmine until Wednesday. But since the sleeves are almost done, it’s on to the pants.

Those are going to be interesting. I’m expecting to make a test pair out of a really comfy fabric (hello pajama pants) to work out the kinks before cutting into my precious blue fabric.

Hopefully, I will get all the sewing done by the end of the week and will be able to gather enough accessories to photograph the full outfit before summer ends. Countdown to August 11th: in progress.

Of course, I’m out of town all of next week and then school stuff so … yeah, I’ve got seven days left to sew before school sucks away all my free time. Gah. Don’t make me think about that.

Anyway, I’m in love with how the bodice is coming. What about you?



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