Comic Con 2014

Yeah. I went to San Diego Comic Con International 2014.

It was amazing. Beyond-words amazing. It doesn’t show much here (right?) but I’m a total geek. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years and finally got the chance.

Here are some pictures of the costumes I took.

gender-bent interpretation of Loki
gender-bent interpretation of Loki

I’ve seen a couple of these before, around the Internet, and I love all of them. For reference, here’s the original costume.


Doctor Who corset by Pendragon Costumes

I really loved Pendragon Costumes’ booth. Not only do they have awesome geeky corsets and dresses, they also have historically-accurate Renaissance costumes. View their website here.


Steampunk Soldiers
Steampunk Soldiers

I think this group is cosplaying something specific, but I don’t recognize the reference. In any case, they have mastered Steampunk.


The Queen of Hearts and two Mad Hatters
The Queen of Hearts and two Mad Hatters

This family had my favorite costumes of the day. Beautiful cosplays of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.


Next year, I’m definitely going in costume. I already have a couple ideas and will hopefully get some sketches up in the coming weeks.

Comic Con was definitely an amazing experience. I can’t wait for next year!


4 thoughts on “Comic Con 2014

  1. Oh … I’m trying not to think about my lack of abs in relation to my Jasmine costume …

    I’m thinking maybe a steampunk version of Anna or Elsa, with my twin being the other for Comic Con next year. I’m working on some sketches right now.


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