Back to School – JanSport Renovations

I have one week left until I start my Sophomore year of high school. As much as I wish it were back-to-school preparations are inevitable and inescapable.

I got myself a new backpack this year since my old one was getting a bit dingy and I decided I wanted one of the smaller JanSports (instead of my huge one). Most of the change is stubbornness — I’m tired of having a two-foot hit-radius every time I turn around. Some of it is because I like how the smaller backpacks look.

Anyway, my new backpack has one less pocket than my old one, specifically the one I was using to hold all my office supplies. And lip balm.


I started with a pocket for the lip balm. I really didn’t want any stitching showing on the outside, so everything I added is hidden behind something else. The lip balm pocket is sewn behind the JanSport logo on the front of the backpack.


To organize my office supplies (better safe than sorry and everyone loves the person with the mini stapler), I made a larger insert to go behind the front pocket, again on the inside. Each pocket on the insert was individually sewn on, and then the insert was fused (semi-successfully) and then hand-sewn around the edges.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a calculator, a glue stick, a mini stapler, a mini hole-punch, and a pair of scissors. I use them all.

Once again, you can’t see anything from the outside. Actually, the insert is invisible even from the inside because the hand-stitching is hidden behind the seam allowances.

from the inside
from the inside

I was insanely productive today, and actually have two more things to show off, but I’ll post about them tomorrow. Until then, let’s ignore the imminent arrival of the first day of school.


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