Encore of the Wolf Fur

Remember the fur I used in my wolf cloak for my Little Red Riding Hood costume set?

I had just a bit less than a yard left of it after the cloak was done. It’s just been sitting around for a couple of months, gathering dust.

At the urging of one of my friends, I decided to make a pillow out of it. Truly, I wasn’t eager to use the fur again. It’s a total pain in the butt to sew with because you have to cut the fur away from the seam allowance before you sew it and then it goes EVERYWHERE.

In some of the pictures, you will see a lint roller in the background. It’s not there for decoration.

So, it started with a long rectangle. fur pillow

I cut away the extra fur around all the edges…

what the seam allowances look like
what the seam allowances look like before sewing

…and sewed in a zipper to the shorter edges.


Then I pinned the longer edges together, with the zipper about a quarter of the way away from the halfway fold. I decided against putting the zipper right on the edge in the hopes that it would be covered by the fur more there. It was a total pain to push the remaining fur out of the seam. Ugh.

fur pillow

And then I was done. Voila!

It’s all soft and furry. I kinda love it 😀


8 thoughts on “Encore of the Wolf Fur

  1. I made an instinct purchase of several yards of super-creamy-soft faux fur years ago and have since turned it into five awesome pillows, including one giant body pillow to go on the bed. Try snuggling with a full-sized beast-pillow!


        1. I can’t decide if I’m in love with those or they’re the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Actually, pretty sure about the second. They’re awesome though, too. The things people make, right?


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