Little Red Riding Hood Pictures

I finally have pictures of my Little Red Riding Hood cloak!

Pieces Featured:

  • Red dress: made mostly by me, finished by my mom, for my sister’s 8th grade Halloween costume (2012)
  • Green overdress: made by me, for my 7th grade Halloween costume (2011)
  • Red Cloak: made by me, read more here (2014)

The model is my twin sister, Jocelyn. All the photographs were taken by my friend, Shanna. To brag for her, I’d like to mention that her first time using a DSLR camera was three months ago, and now she’s doing this. Now for pretty pictures…

(click any picture to view it larger)

(Please excuse any inopportune buckets. We photographed in my grandparents’ backyard and, well, it’s a yard. It has yard stuff.)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

–Samantha 😀

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