Summer Blouse


(I’m trying out a more organized way of posting my stuff, so this post is going to look a little different than my previous ones. Tell me what you think in the comments :D)

summer blouse


This project started as a half-formed idea and an urge to sew something. For the first time in a while, this project didn’t involve any commercial pattern or help from Pinterest. Yay me!


Super light-weight cotton stolen from a summer dress I grew out of years ago but couldn’t part with.

summer blouse


Because this blouse wasn’t really planned, I didn’t take any in-progress pics. Sorry :/

Anyway, I started by draping the front and back panels, then finishing the top edges. I added the placket once I was happy with the fit. At first, I was totally going to go to extra mile and make the blouse unbutton at the front, but once I realized I could get it on without that trouble, I got lazy. So the placket doesn’t open and the buttons are just hand-stitched on. But it works.

Sew smarter, not harder, right?

Because the fabric started out as a dress, I started running out of fabric when I hit the collar. Instead of trying to find a contrasting fabric to make the collar out of, I pieced the collar sections.

a view of the piecing in the back
a view of the piecing in the back

(Ironically, once I was done with the blouse, I ended up shortening each side of the collar by around 4 inches to make the neckline fit better, so the piecing probably could have been avoided.)

I ended up with a Franken-collar. But it worked 😀

summer blouse

The collar was entirely hand-sewn on. It was actually fairly relaxing, and the stitches look fairly nice (if I do say so myself).


In total, I probably spent around 3 or 4 hours on this project, including all the random first attempts at draping. Once I had my idea, the construction actually went fairly quickly.

What I’m Proud Of

1. Mostly that it’s hand-drafted. I’ve been telling myself I’ll make something without a pattern for a while, but always ended up using one eventually, even if I altered it significantly.

2. The fit. In any other fabric, the loose fit would have ended up potato-sack-like, but since the fabric is so light, it hangs perfectly. Since the highs are still in the 90s in Southern California, the light fabric and fit also make it absolutely wonderful to wear. In the winter (well, SoCal winter), a nice cardigan will go nicely with it I think.

In conclusion, I’m absurdly happy with this blouse and it is definitely going to be an active member of my wardrobe. We’re all just going to ignore the dress-code violation in the less-than-2-inch straps, okay?

Thanks for reading! What do you think (of my blouse or the new post organization)?


4 thoughts on “Summer Blouse

  1. This is so cute! I love the collar, it looks really unique. The fabric is beautiful, too. It was a great idea to recycle that dress!
    And your layout is great, it’s easy to read 🙂


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