A Few Simple Projects

Hey everyone! Hope you had a less stressful week than I just did and a relaxing weekend. Everyone deserves relaxing weekends.

Speaking of relaxing, I’ve decided to give myself a break from the intensity of my Jasmine costume and do a few simple projects. I guess the first in this series would be my summer blouse I posted about yesterday, depending on how you look at it.

During Joann’s Labor Day sale, I picked up two awesome fabrics (well, three but the last one is boring), both screaming to be made into comfy t-shirts or sweaters.

#1: Colorful Stripes

striped fabricI just love this fabric. I love the almost watercolor effect of the colorful stripes. Also, this fabric is the perfect lightweight stretch-knit for a cute t-shirt. My current sketch has a low back with a ribbon running across the shoulders to keep it from slipping. It’s a bit of an overdone silhouette right now, but I like it so … yeah. Cliche it is.

t-shirt sketch

#2: Comfy Black

comfy black fabric

This fabric is a light-weight stretch knit that screams loose sweater. I’m going to try to stretch the meager 1 yard I bought into both a comfy t-shirt and a half-sleeve sweater, though the sweater is my bigger priority.

My idea for the sweater goes a bit like this: slightly draped neckline for a bit of a cowl effect, band at hem (~3″), and contrasting cuffs (I’m thinking black and white polka dots). Here’s my sketch

sweater sketch

#3: Boring Denim

This one is literally just a dark wash, 100% cotton denim. It’s so boring I didn’t even take a picture of it.

I’m going to make a pair of simple fitted denim shorts. You can never have too many denim shorts, and I just lost a pair 😦 . I’m planning on using the same pattern I made my printed shorts out of, but altering it a bit so that the legs are tighter.

Other Projects

  1. I’ll probably have extra of the striped fabric after I make the top. I’m thinking of maybe making a maxi-skirt out of it and selling it on my sorely-neglected Etsy shop.
  2. I also have some fabric from dresses I cut apart that is probably going to crop up in my future posts. Hopefully, I’ll get a speech and debate dress made out of one of them in the next few weeks so I can wear it to my first tournament of the year (eek).
  3. My awesome photographer friend who took all the pictures I recently posted (un, deux, trois, quatre) needs a bag for her brand new DSLR camera (and I’m pretty much indebted to her for life after she took all those pictures) so I’m going to try to find time to maker her one.

That’s about it for what’s coming up here at Strings Attached. Thanks for reading 😀



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