Camera Bag Plans


I know it’s been quiet around here recently, and that I haven’t posted anything about the quick easy projects I’ve been meaning to do, but one of my friend needs a camera bag and friends trump personal projects any day.

When we were talking about it, we came up with a few parameters:

  1. protection of camera is a must (so lots of padding)
  2. awkward dimensions are a no-no
  3. style and versatility are key as well


We picked a maroon-burgundy vinyl out of my stash. I had originally bought it for pencil cases (and actually made myself one) but had a ton left. We were hoping for a really nice leather instead, but, let’s face it: leather is expensive, a pain to sew, and anything short of perfect looks totally cheap. So (admittedly still a bit cheap-looking and pain-to-sew-y) already purchased vinyl it is.

Here's a picture of the fabric (sewn into a pencil case)
Here’s a picture of the fabric (sewn into a pencil case)


I’m hoping to find a really cute white-with-black-polka-dots fabric to line the bag with. It will also be featured in accents throughout and in a custom camera strap (because not having a matching camera strap for your custom bag is so basic).


Pinterest gave us the basic shape (luckily, a fairly simple one to sew)…

… and remembering a conversation with a photographer family friend gave me the basics of the logistics.

Shanna (the camera bag receiver) has one extra lens, which makes the whole thing a bit simpler.


It’s kinda hard to explain how all the padding is going to work, especially since I’m still working out the kinks, but here are my basic sketches.


a super rough sketch of the top view, but with semi-accurate measurements
a super rough sketch of the top view, with semi-accurate measurements

All the sides are padded (I’m thinking 1/4″ or less) as are the divider. The smaller compartment is for an extra lens. The padding in the main compartment supports the camera on the sides so that all the weight isn’t on the camera.

my very first sketches, but a good representation of how the padding will work (ignore the measurements)
my very first sketches, but a good representation of how the padding will work (ignore the measurements for the padding)


Ha … ha … ha.

I’m setting the goal of before Christmas for this bag. We’ll see how that goes….

I like to give myself a margin, when I can. (sorry, that’s a book quote, sorry)

Expectations and Worries

I’m really hopeful about how it’s going to come out, but definitely a bit apprehensive. There isn’t much room for error, and anything short of professional is going to look really … well, crappy. I think I’m going to work up multiple test versions before even touching the vinyl.

Thanks for reading! What do you think? Any photographers out there with some helpful ideas?

–Samantha ๐Ÿ˜€

5 thoughts on “Camera Bag Plans

  1. I have a camera-bag on my to-sew- (eventually) list as well… I keep shopping for one ready-made and just CANT find anything I like. I was actually thinking of an inset for a purse I have – or make both… just so that I don’t always have to look like a tourist with my camera. Hope yours turns out well!


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