Striped Dress In-Progress (And Hello Again)

First of all, hello again 🙂 it’s been a crazy semester that kinda took all my time away from sewing. But it’s winter break and I’m sewing again. YAY!

I actually started this project almost a month ago, but didn’t really get anywhere until this week. And (as per usual) I didn’t take very many in progress pics.


A little more than 3 yards of a red, white, and blue striped cotton, courtesy of my grandmother.



I did originally begin this project with Butterick 6053. But, as you will see, I ended up changing a lot and (like usual) did the skirt without a pattern.

Butterick 6053
The Prep and Planning

I really loved the idea of playing with the stripes for this project, so I started by sketching out new grainlines for all the bodice pieces. I got all fancy and used my rotary cutter ruler to mark out exactly 45° from the original grainline for the front and the back center pieces.


Matching the Stripes

This was probably my favorite part of the whole dress. I used this explanation of the process (which totally helped) to match the front and back seams. The side seams matched by total accident, though I did take time to make sure each side would be exactly the same. It was a weird accident that the back went the opposite was as the front.

The Skirt

For the moment, we’ll turn to the skirt. I played around with trying to make the skirt make the same V-pattern as the top, but it was just going to be too crazy on the eye and too big a pain in my ass. Also, I didn’t have enough fabric.

So, I decided to go plain and pleated. I pleated every first and third blue or red stripe together, so that the pleats looked like the regular pattern. That way, they would match at the waist to the sides.


I was a lazy idiot and kinda just lined up the skirt at the seams, pinned randomly, and hoped for the best. Christmas came early because it totally worked.

Changing the Neckline

I went back to the bodice after putting the skirt together and cut out the sleeves. It took two tries to get the pieces cut out right and then … it looked terrible. Totally detracted from the V-pattern I had going, ruined the line of the dress. So I scrapped the sleeves altogether and made it spaghetti strap (obviously there was a lot more time in between the initial problem and my solution).



That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far. Oh–I put in the zipper. I need to finish the neckline, the side seam, the hem, and I might make a petticoat to go along with it. Christmas was good for the sewing budget, though, so I might be a little distracted from finishing up this dress.



7 thoughts on “Striped Dress In-Progress (And Hello Again)

  1. Love the diagonal matched stripes, and vertical ones. The variety achieved with just one fabric is so refreshing to see. Reminds me of retro designs where quality construction is first in importance, well beyond embelishment.


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