OMG Christmas Rocks

Merry Christmas!

I know I’m a few days late, sorry.

My family was really amazing and got me tons of rotary cutter blades and little stuff for my sewing area. And some Mood Gift cards which might already be spent. Haha.

But the absolute best thing was this old wedding dress my mom bought me from a thrift store. It has beautiful beading on it that I happily spent an hour cutting up.

I forgot to take a before picture because I was literally that excited to cut the whole thing to pieces, but here’s the bodice before the beading was cut off.


I got all the beading from the bodice.


The top layer of the skirt (overlay) has lots of pretty embroidery too, as does the front panel (solid polyester). I also saved the underskirt which I think I’m going to modify into a shorter petticoat.

And then I have all the fabric from the main skirt (including the train). It’s not my favorite type of fabric (heavy, white polyester) but I think it will make a nice base for something in the future. It falls really well and has enough body to support other fabrics.

I started playing around with the pieces and pinning them on Pinhead. I think I might do something fairy-like, or maybe structural. Maybe both.

I think this is going to be my next project after I finish the striped dress (we’ll see how that goes).


What do you think?

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