What’s in the Sketchbook – Volume 1 – Issue 6

This is part six of my series “What’s in the Sketchbook”. You can see the rest here.

I don’t have any really specific sketches to talk about, so I’ll just explain each a bit.


This is the full page of sketches of the camera bag I’m working on. As with most of my sketches, it’s filled with my horrible cursive and isn’t really that meaningful, but doesn’t it look professional (or at least interesting)?


This is a sketch for a dress I was planning to make out of a red, white, and blue plaid I got from my grandmother (not the stripes in this dress, a different one). Right now, I’m thinking that I’m going to make a collared shirt out of it instead, so this sketch is kinda pointless.


This sketch was an adaption of the backs of a few dresses I saw on Pinterest squished together. This is one that I think I might actually stick with and make into reality, though probably with slightly different shapes.


This is another full page of my sketchbook. It’s a really old sketch for a pattern for a day backpack. I’ve actually tried out this pattern, but I screwed up the sewing. It looked nice before I messed up, though, and I’m probably going to go back to it at some point.

wpid-20141226_175740.jpgThis is actually the most recent sketch in the book right now. It’s one of my initial sketches of what to do with the beadwork from the wedding dress I got for Christmas and cut up. In the sketch, the sheer fabric from the skirt makes up the base of the tank and then the main section of the beads from the bodice of the dress would be sewn to the front. I’m planning on either lining the top or leaving it sheer and wearing it with something like a bando.

Of course, now I have more ideas waiting to be sketched about what to do with the beadwork, so this top probably won’t ever exist. Maybe, though.

Moral of the story: most of these sketches are only starting points, and never turn into reality as intended.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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