Striped Dress – Pictures

You can read more about my process in my in-progress post.

I’m so happy with how these pictures turned out and even though it was freezing, I still had a great time taking the pictures.

I’m the model in these pictures and my sister took them in our front yard thing (it’s not really a yard) and on the stairs of our apartment building. I wore the dress with the petticoat I made, a blazer from Forever 21, and my red Converse.

IMG_2990 - 1











Reflections: I’m super please with how this dress turned out, and I really loved manipulating the fabric to find new patterns. I’m looking forward to trying it again. My only regret with this dress would be that I didn’t line it because of the randomness of the alterations I did. But the fabric is a nice weight that hangs fine without the lining, so I think it’s a moot point.


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