New Year’s Sewing Resolutions

2014 was a really great year for me, for sewing and my whole life. And now, looking to the next year, I have some goals.

  1. keep sewing: it’s the simplest of them all, but an important one and one I have to stick to
  2. stash bust: I have so much fabric in my stash that I keep not using, instead going broke spending fabric I don’t need. So my second goal is to use the fabric I already have and only buy embellishments and coordinating fabrics (when absolutely necessary).
  3. keep posting: I had a couple months with very few posts this year and I don’t want 2015 to be the same way
  4. keep building: this blog got over 60 followers in its first year, but I know I can do quite a lot better next year. So I want to keep building this blog and it’s followers and to find new blogs to follow.
  5. try new techniques and silhouettes: I pride myself in sewing interesting things and trying out new ways of sewing them. I don’t like spending time on boring projects — so I’m not going to do that in 2015.

What do you think about my goals? What resolutions have you set for yourself?


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Sewing Resolutions

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