Red Riding Hood in Death Valley

During the summer of 2014, I made my Red Riding Hood Cloak. I’ve taken pictures of it a bunch of times (see above link), but I decided, what the hell, I could use more, right? So I took the cloak with me on my recent trip to Death Valley National Park.

I go to Death Valley pretty much every year, sometimes twice a year, and it’s a place I really, really love. Bringing the cloak with me and photographing it was a neat and slightly surreal experience.

My twin sister, my grandfather, and I took these pictures. Either my sister or I am wearing the cloak in them.

red - DV

These first pictures were taken in the abandoned town of Rhyolite.


The following pictures were taken in Titus Canyon.




On our way out of the valley, we stopped for some more pics (I think on a dried up lake?)

And, finally, we took some action shots with some Joshua Trees.



What I really love about these pictures is that the cloak goes from a weird interpretation of Red Riding Hood, to maybe a sorceress, or a traveler in a fantasy novel. It’s versatile (and now I’m itching to make stuff to go under it…).


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