Gertie’s Giveaway Dress – Part 3 (1st Fitting)

In my last post, I left off with my bodice all done except for the shoulder seams and some fitting issues. I cajoled and begged my sister into trying it on for me because she’s basically exactly my size (twins = human dress forms).


She loved the experience, as you can tell from her face. But seriously, she should be used to this by now.

Okay, so onto fit issues: I had to bring up the shoulder seams a little but not as much as I expected from how it fit on my dressform. My sister was worried about the fit in the bust area, but I didn’t think it was that big of an issue. I do think I’m going to take it in a little under the arms at the side seam, though, because it was gaping.

Overall: cutting a size 10 was the right choice 🙂


I like how the plaid looks. The dart doesn’t interfere with the lines too much; it actually helps keep the lines straight-looking from the front. The side seams really don’t match but, well … oops?


All is good in the back too. It looks like the plaid is going to match in the back!!!! It so makes up for side seams.

I’m debating whether to tack the flaps down at the points with buttons, like the pattern says. But that’s so many steps ahead of where I am that I can’t start worrying about it.

I started working on the skirt today and it’s complicated. I have totally enough fabric for a huge pleated skirt and enough for a oddly-pieced full circle skirt. What I don’t have enough fabric for is a nice 3-piece (one front, two back) full circle skirt. Ugh. I’m thinking I’m going to divide the skirt into more pieces, but then there are more seams where the prints won’t match… bleh.

So, I have a question for all of you: should I go with a pleated skirt (and risk the same silhouette as my striped dress), or piece the circle skirt (and risk ugly un-matched plaid seams)?

I’d love to hear your ideas!



5 thoughts on “Gertie’s Giveaway Dress – Part 3 (1st Fitting)

  1. I think it’s much better to match the back than the side seams so well done! I feel like you should go for the pleated skirt because you just won’t get the same effect of a circle skirt if the seams dot match up and it’s obvious. Having said that I have never actually made a dress with a separate bodice and skirt so I don’t really know, haha. I liked the silhouette of your striped dress, though.


    1. Thanks! That’s kinda the thought process I keep going through. I’m going to mess around with the pattern for a bit and see how few seams I could get into a circle skirt


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