What’s in the Sketchbook – Volume 2 Issue 1

First of all, happy MLK day! I’m having a lovely school-free and homework-filled day and I hope you are all enjoying a (hopefully) vacation day 🙂

This issue of what’s in the sketchbook is going to be a little different from my previous ones. Mostly because my recent sketching has involved very little writing and a lot more Pinterest and Butterick and Vogue patterns. It has also involved stash-busting and patterns that have a much higher chance of realization than my usual sketches.

1. Vogue 1408


I really like the lines of this dress. I kinda want to do it in stripes and have them all going different ways but I’m really trying to ignore that idea because a) I’ve already done it and b) too much. But I really like the pattern. I don’t have any specific fabrics in mind, but I have a nice green knit that I’ve been meaning to make something out of and this might be it 🙂

2. Butterick 6090


I am in love with this dress and I have not one but two fabrics I want to make it out of.

white patterned woven


Both the fabrics are light and flowy wovens. I think they’re cotton, but I might be wrong. I like the vaguely geometric print of the white. It’s small enough to not be too distracting while still being interesting. The black is really just plain, but it hangs beautifully and it’s really soft.

black woven

I’m really hoping the pattern works out well enough that I can make it in both these fabrics 🙂 This will almost surely be my next project.

3. Butterick 6094

Hopefully you recognize this dress as my current project, my Gertie’s Giveaway Dress. In my last post I mentioned that my friends are just as in love with the dress as I am, and that I said I’d make it again for one of my friends. If her most recent Pins are any indication, it’s an offer she’s going to take me up on. I don’t have any fabrics in mind, but I’m looking forward to a trip to Joann.

4. Simple Blouse

I recently (at the end of December) bought a silk panel from Mood Fabrics of a vintage Italian advertisement. I bought it because the colors are just so beautiful. My picture really doesn’t do it justice.



Because the panel is so beautiful, I don’t want to cut it up too much. I’m thinking of making a really simple blouse out of it, kinda like this one.


Vogue and Butterick patterns go on sale at the end of January at Joann, which is when I’ll probably start on projects 1, 2, and 3. I might get to 4 before that, but I’ll probably be working on finishing the Gertie dress until then.

Which projects are your favorite?


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