Thoughts on (my) Fashion

The sewing blog Coletterie is hosting the Wardrobe Architect Challenge this year. It’s a formalized version of their Wardrobe Architect series from last year.

wardrobe architect challenge

I’ve been on the Coletterie email list for a while and I heard about the challenge through that. I have to say, I was hesitant when I first heard about it, going so far as to write it off entirely. If you’ve been around here for more than a few months, you’ve probably realized that I have a hectic schedule that gets in the way of blogging and sewing fairly regularly. So, initially, I saw “January Checklist” and “complete exercises and projects for Wardrobe Architect weeks 1-4” and thought well, that’s not happening.

But this week I got this pair of boots. Not my first pair (I actually now have a satisfying collection), but my first pair of riding boots.  And that’s a really petty thing to base a year-long decision on, but hey, petty can be good, right? So I got this pair of riding boots for like $40 (regularly >$100) at Delias’ going under sale and they came in the mail today and I wore them to school and it was pretty great. My friends complimented me and we made jokes about high horses and it was fun.

And it got me thinking about how I have recently been putting more effort into my everyday appearance. I’ve always sort of felt like someone looking in on the world of make-up and fashion and leggings. It’s not something I’m that self-conscious about (the past is different but we’ll get there sometime). It’s not that I disdain beauty, it’s more of an indifference—about fashion, makeup, leggings, etc.

But recently, I’ve been putting in more effort. Not as a conscious decision, or a New Year’s resolution, but just an attitude of what shoes am I going to wear with that shirt? rather than I guess I like this shirt. And at school, I feel a bit more confident. I don’t spend hours each day thinking about what other people think of me or comparing myself to others, but knowing I’d measure up if I did does help me stand up a bit straighter.

Most of all, I’ve realized that I feel more like myself in the clothes I’ve been wearing recently.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this relates to my sewing and the Wardrobe Architect Challenge. And that’s where it gets complicated.

The Wardrobe Architect Challenge is based on creating your ideal wardrobe for 2015, through self-reflection initially and then through actual sewing. But …

I don’t sew for my everyday wardrobe. Honestly, I don’t. I sew dresses and costumes I love. I love them for what they are and for how I look in them, but they’re not things I’m going to wear to school. I could, I guess, but I don’t.

In my last post, I listed out a few ideas for future projects. Looking at them, there’s one (the silk blouse) that I will probably wear to school. If I ever start wearing dresses to school, Butterick 6090 would probably get worn and maybe Vogue 1408 too.

I sew because I love to, not because I need a new wardrobe. I sew because it quiets that nagging voice in my head that needs to create constantly and the one that needs to organize and fiddle and perfect something totally and completely mine. It’s my thing that isn’t mainstream (like my music taste), isn’t school-related (like everything else in my life), isn’t complicated by family or friendship problems, and doesn’t exist as a shared entity in my life between me and my twin sister. It’s the thing I do well that doesn’t go back to books and memorized facts and GPAs and the eternal will-it-get-me-into-college question. It’s my creative outlet where I can do anything I want and no one can tell me I’m wrong. I don’t do it to get followers (though, come on, I love you all and would love if there were more of you) and I don’t do it to fulfill challenges and resolutions and goals. I do it on my time for myself. 

So, while I really do want to take part in the Wardrobe Challenge, logistically, it’s complicated. I don’t have consistent sewing time and I like working on whatever project I want to in that time. I don’t like deadlines.

But I still really like the idea of finding out my core style and tailoring my wardrobe to that, through better shopping and, of course, sewing.  So… I’m not going to do the Wardrobe Architect Challenge. But I am going to spend some time here, on this blog, showcasing my fashion choices, musing on them, and sewing some pieces that I will actually wear. Fashion is a part of me, and sewing is a part of me, and I’m going to work on bringing those two pieces together into a more confident me. 

It’s not going to be a very organized effort, I don’t think. I’m going to try to post a couple of my outfits and thoughts on them in a post every week. If any of you lovely bloggers would like to join me in my effort, that would be cool 🙂 (We can chat about it in the comments of this post.)

Here’s to fashion


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on (my) Fashion

  1. Just enjoyed reading your post! I am also kind of “indifferent” when it comes to fashion, which is why I was nodding a lot when reading your lines. Wish you all the best for your personal goals in 2015. One day I will start sewing my own clothes, too…. 😉 I am following you now.


  2. What a great post! I really enjoy your comments about sewing, your goals, and your fashion. It’s really inspiring! I’m a much ‘olde’r sewer (I dare not call myself a seamstress) and have been sewing for many years-off and on. Since I retired last year it’s much more on. I love sewing and find it so relaxing and enjoyable. I’m on my own schedule . I’ve never had the commitment that you have to create fashion although in my younger years we did sew most of our own clothes. Sewing was more for necessity rather than for fashion or even for pleasure for that matter. My friends and I would head out to the store before the start of school to select fabric and we would sew our dresses. Many stores sold fabric then. (Every dress had a zipper because we would dare not try a buttonhole! ) We would trade patterns and help each other. You would think that would have developed me into a seamstress but not a chance! I later sewed for my kids until they reached that age that they would not want to be seen in a homemade outfit. I digress. ….I will look forward to following in your journey. 😊


      1. I guess looking back it was sort of fun. If we had a big dance or special things going on at school we would go select a pattern and fabric and wear our sewed dresses. It didn’t seem so fun at the time when I just yearned for store bought dress. (Sounds like I grew up on Little House on the Prairie-not! ha ha)


        1. I totally get that 🙂 I was talking to my mom about your comments and she totally related. She made her own promdress and my grandmother made her some of her (and her own) clothes. They’re who I learned to sew from and they learned it like you did: because you had to. I’m glad they taught me now that it’s such a rare hobby 🙂

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          1. I have two granddaughters that I’ve taught to sew and they really love it. Well, actually four of them enjoy it two of them love it enough to have their own sewing machine! When the girls come to stay with me, we always have a sewing project going on . It’s nice to know the art is not lost. 😄 Only one of my four daughters likes to sew. I’m glad you love it!


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