My Favorite Grey Dress

… and (for the record) not my only grey dress.

grey dress

(please just pretend the dress was nicely ironed, okay? I took these pics halfway through the day so the seams weren’t looking as nicely pressed as they usually do)

I made this dress last September or October but never blogged about it. It was a dream to sew and I’m super happy with how it turned out. I made it for speech and debate competitions because all competitors have to wear business dress. I’ve worn it to a few competitions so far and it’s wonderful.

The Fabric

It’s this beautiful grey suiting from Joann Fabrics. It’s super soft and comfy, which makes it wonderful to wear.

The Pattern

Simplicity 1586

I used Simplicity 1586. I don’t think I made any modifications to the pattern and I only had to take in a few seams to get the fit right (I left the fit fairly loose, though). It was a nice sew, quick and simple with no ugly hiccups.

I had some problems with the facings laying flat even after I under-stitched them, so I hand-stitched them down. You can’t see the stitching from the outside, and now that it’s gone through the wash once or twice it doesn’t show at all (initially it was pulling a little).

grey dress facings


This is probably my favorite speech and debate dress. It’s really comfy and it makes me feel really professional. If you can believe it, this dress is on the casual side of what people wear (but I refuse to blend into the black-pencil-skirt-collared-shirt-and-blazer crowd).

I think I’ll sew the pattern again. It’s just such a nice, plain, princess-line dress and not having to do too much fitting alterations is certainly a bonus.

I have enough of the fabric left over to make this dress all over again so that my twin and I can match at competitions. I might get around to it someday…

grey dress 2
ready to debate 🙂
my twin and I at a tournament (I didn't make the green dress)
my twin and I at a tournament (I didn’t make the green dress)


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