My Fashion Background

This post is part of a new category on my blog about me, my fashion, and how it relates to my sewing. You can read all about why I started it here

Though I’m not taking part in the challenge, I do like the questions from the first week of the Coletterie Wardrobe Architect Challenge. I’m going to use them as a starting point for my self-reflection on fashion. I’m going to address them all from a fashion/clothing point of view, rather than tell you my entire life story.

  • History: Your personal history and life events.

Okay, so I spent most of elementary school rocking the bright pink sweatpants (jeans came later), ill-fitting cotton tops, and messy hair, and not in any intentional show of defiance against social norms. I feel like I should be rolling over with embarrassment about immortalizing this on the internet, but I honestly almost feel proud about it. I turned out alright.

Las Vegas Trip 043

Las Vegas Trip 042

I got a little on top of it in sixth grade. That was actually a really great year for me. I had an AMAZING teacher and we were the highest grade in the school. I really feel like that year was the beginning of current me. Jeans came into my wardrobe.

Middle school was okay while living it, fashion-wise and socially, but looking back on it, I just find that I really hated it.

me in middle school in Death Valley
me in middle school in Death Valley

High school has been good. Ninth grade was a year of stereotypical growth, in all aspects of my life. I started blogging and sewing more. I worked as costume designer for a school production of 12th Night (it was awesome). I got my first ever pair of boots. I started noticing fashion more.

And that brings us to this year. I have a large collection of boots and shoes. I have too many clothes, but I like almost all of them.  I have some days where I get out the door and realize that I don’t like my outfit, but mostly I like what I wear.

outfit 2015

  • Philosophy: Your religion, spirituality, or general philosophy.

I don’t like wearing clothes flashily. I’m not an over-the-top person, except kinda in my sewing. Honestly, I wear clothes I like, ones that make me feel confident, because I like feeling confident. I like not worrying about how I look. I don’t really care about how other people think of my clothes, except maybe my friends and my crush (if I had one…).

  • Culture: Your cultural background and the aesthetic values you grew up with.

I’m so cultureless. I have an interesting family, but we’re all really blah fashion-wise. I guess my mom has taught me that sentimental t-shirts are never too old and that there is no reason good enough for putting on clothes you aren’t comfortable in. Oh, and that funny/unique earrings make or break outfits (that’s a moot point though because I don’t have pierced ears).

My family does have a culture of creativity that I think I’ve picked up. I can see my grandmother’s quilts in my fabric choices and my color combinations. I write actively because of my mom. I sew because my mom and my grandmother do and because they taught me.

  • Community: Your friends and the people around you.

I live in a cute little town in the suburbs, up the street from a little boulevard that can pose (and quite possibly has) as Mainstreet USA. It’s filled with locally-owned shops and restaurants and it’s the best hang-out spot ever.

My main community, though, is my school. It’s a huge public school with so many people that everyone has their own little micro-communities. Mine is awesome. I have friends I love and the people in my classes who I don’t like I mostly just don’t care about (rather than actively dislike). No one I hang out with is too vain or obsessed with fashion. One of my friends is getting into makeup, but she’s low-key about it. She did some make-up for me in my striped dress pictures. So, my community is positive and generally in line with my philosophy.

  • Activities: Your interests, activities, and hobbies.

I sew. I blog. I write (young adult fantasy) a bit, not as much as I used to, but I’m trying to get into it more again.

I spend a lot of time on school. A lot. I focus a lot on my hobbies just to get away from all the stress of school. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when my workload, like, triples. Gah.

  • Location: Where you live.

Southern California. That’s really only pertinent because it never gets cold and summer is way too hot. I was freezing a few days ago because I left my jacket in my locker and I was in a sheer shirt and tank. It was 67° I think.

  • Body: How you feel about your body

Okay. Better on some days, but overall, okay. I should exercise more, but I don’t really. I eat healthily. I don’t feel like my body image influences my fashion that much, except maybe my height (which I can’t change). I guess I find that I’m more drawn to dresses with defined waistlines at the natural waist because they make me feel taller.

So that’s a brief overview of my fashion sense. Can you relate?


9 thoughts on “My Fashion Background

  1. That was wonderful Samantha! Very insightful and honest. I have to say the thing one thing that I focused on was the photograph of you in Death Valley which happens to be my all time favorite places to go camping. I digress it was a really interesting post. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to share so much about myself at your age ….what am I talking about maybe not even now! 😊


  2. You seem like a very down to earth, normal person. One thing I have to say is NEVER come to the UK – unless you are fully prepared for freezing temperatures… you will need many coats, hats, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear – and you will still be cold!


    1. Oh — cold weather is not my friend. I’m considering colleges on the east coast (or at least considering the idea of considering east coast colleges) and cold weather is literally the biggest obstacle. I’m such a wimp when it comes to weather…

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