Gertie’s Giveaway Dress – Pictures!

I have pics for you guys!!!!!

I must confess, I had much bigger things planned for you all. They involved friends, vintage suitcases, a rotary phone, and eyeliner. But, then I got sick and the plans had to be cancelled. I took these pictures yesterday morning when I was feeling a little bit better. I rushed because yesterday was the deadline for the contest and I needed good pics.

My sister helped me curl my hair (it was a process) and take the pics (my grandfather helped out too). I took them in my grandparents’ house, like usual.

gertie 4

I think this is one of my favorite makes ever. There’s just something about how the pattern and the fabric (and my face) work together that I can’t get over. And the fit is perfect.

gertie 5

What’s odd is that I can’t pinpoint one thing I really like. No—I can pinpoint lots of little things I like, but nothing big that stands out to me, nothing worthy of how much love I have for this dress.

gertie 6

Maybe it’s just a mixture of everything.

gertie 7

gertie 9

If you’re interested, this the blurb I submitted along with the pictures:

This dress, like its pattern, is a mix of old and new. My grandmother bought the fabric thirty years ago to make a dress for herself, but never got around to sewing it. She gifted it to me last year and I knew immediately that it would make a perfect retro dress. I chose view A of B6094, bought a red Kona cotton contrast fabric, and started sewing. I mostly kept to the pattern, but I added homemade piping and pleated the skirt. I love how the dress has a modern fit but still feels vintage and cute.

gertie 10

gertie 11

gertie 12

gertie 13

and one more of my wonderful sister
and one more of my wonderful sister

Thank you to all of you who have complimented this dress or wished me well in the contest. I’ll know on February 3rd if I’m a finalist. (Fingers crossed) No matter how the competition turns out, I’m really happy that I made this dress and that it turned out so well. I feel like this is one of my most successful projects recently. I don’t have any regrets when I’m looking at it. I honestly love this dress.

Hope you all like it as well

Samantha 🙂

11 thoughts on “Gertie’s Giveaway Dress – Pictures!

  1. You should feel so proud, this is simply stunning on you. Fingers crossed Gertie feels the same way – but anyhow, I’m sure this will get loads of wear. Congrats on a job very well done. X


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