Sewing for Craft Fair – Part 1

Hi guys!!!

On February 22, I have an opportunity sell at a local farmers’ market/craft fair thing. I’ve attended this farmers’ market since I was a toddler and selling at it has been a far-off goal of mine since I started sewing actively—and now it’s a reality!

I’m going to focus on little projects to sell (rather than actual dresses). I’ve been working on them for a few days and it’s actually been really fun. After the Gertie dress, I need some small, quick projects. And it’s an awesome stash-busting project—literally everything in this post is from my stash (including the hardware).

 #1: DEnim and Purple Backpack

Just BTW: I’m planning a tutorial/PDF pattern for this backpack, but probably won’t get around to it for a while. If you’re really interested, comment below and I’ll get working on it 🙂 The same goes for any of the other projects.

This is my initial sketch of the pattern. You can read  more about it here.

backpack sketch pattern

I used a purple faux-leather for the bottom, a dark wash denim for the body, scraps of lace for the top, and a weird green fabric for the lining. The construction is pretty simple, but I had to take out a few seams because I forgot to add pieces the first time around. Oops. Overall though, it’s a nice make, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


backpack details
detailing of the top-stitching on the back part and straps
more strap detailing
more strap detailing

I already had the plastic hardware for the straps, which was awesome. They’re actually a lot easier to use than they look. Making the straps was a pain though.

backpack opening

The backpack top gets cinched with cording (in this case, a shoelace) and then the top piece covers the opening. It gives it a nice casual day look and a lot of flexibility.

#2: Smocked Pouch

You may recall my adventure into smocking a month or so ago. I hadn’t touched the samples I made since then, and it was starting to bug me. I decided to sew the flower sample into a little pouch to add to my to-be-sold pile.

smocking pouch

I seriously love how it came out. It looks a lot better without the weird edges showing and it’s a nice size pouch (7″ x 8″ I think). I hand-sewed the lining to the zipper for a nice finished look and will probably add a handle at some point.


#3: Lined Paper Pencil Case

I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and had been meaning to make it but never got around to it until now. It was actually kinda relaxing to sew all the lines. Nice practice with straight seams; it would make a great beginner project. And such a cute, novel result 🙂

get it ... it's lined paper
get it … it’s lined paper

Wouldn’t it be cute to write something on the “paper”?

#4: Red Pencil Case

This fabric has been hanging out in my stash for a while and I love it so much that it keeps popping up in my sewing. I first used it in a pair of shorts and have a ton left over (also, it was a gift!).

red pencil case

I used a new technique this time for the corners. You can see it illustrated here. I’m … iffy about how it turned out. I do like that it takes out for seams from my old way, but it ends up not holding the boxy shape as nicely. I feel like I should go in with some hand-stitching to strengthen and even out the corners (which negates the time saved).

red pencil case inside

Also, I sewed the seam in the wrong place, forgetting that I was trying this new method, so I lost a lot more length than I was expecting. It’s rather short 😦


#5: Pin-Tucked Coin Purse

This was a last minute project last night based on some of the research (haha, look at me calling Pinterest research) I did for my smocking projects. It’s a different kind that’s done with a machine where you start with pleats and then pin the pleats back and forth to create patterns. I don’t like the technique as much as the hand-sewing smocking, but it’s still fun.


the pleats sewn and pressed
the pleats sewn and pressed
the pleats sewn
the pleats sewn in opposite directions

pin-tucked coin purse

And the finished product. I actually remembered to add a little tab to hang it by. Yay me! It’s not quite square, though, so maybe just meh, me. Nah, I like it 🙂

That’s all for now!

I’m working on another backpack (with a slightly different pattern) and I have lots of ideas for more. I’m definitely going to make more pencil cases, probably some out of old funny/school t-shirts. I might do more smocking because I was really surprised at how nice the pouch ended up looking.

On the garment sewing side, I’m in between projects right now. If you’re wondering, I’m either going to start Butterick 6090 or sew the gertie dress again for one of my friends. I’m liking the break from garment sewing, though, so it might be a week or so before I get around to either of those projects.

Now, this is going to be my first time selling my sewn items. If any of you have experience in that area and have some tips, I’d love to hear them! And I’d love to hear what items from above you like the most so I can focus on making more of those 🙂 your comments are always appreciated

–Samantha 🙂

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