Sewing for Craft Fair – Part 2

This is part two in a series of things I’m making to sell at an upcoming craft-fair-type thing. Part one explains more of the background and has lots of pretty pictures.

I’m going to start the numbering over for each post, by the way. It’s just easier for me.

#1: Puffy Cloud Coin Purse

This, like everything in my life, was inspired by something found on Pinterest. I am a shameless Idea Thief. I did try to change things up a bit, though, to pretend I’m original.

cloud coin purse

This coin purse was constructed basically like all of my other ones. I did add a layer of batting to each side to make it puff a bit, which ended up looking pretty nice. It makes the whole thing seem a bit more fun, too, I think.

cloud coin purse

Clipping the seams was an ordeal. Because of all the curves, I had to make sure to take enough out of the seam allowance to allow it to turn nicely.

cloud coin purse

I added some denim rain drops and rain embroidery on my first one. I think it’s really cute. I kinda want to keep it.

#2: Blue Lace Cosmetics Bag

I’ve had these two fabrics forever, holding onto them for opposite reasons: the blue because I loved it and the lace because I didn’t really. I like how they look together though.

blue lace cosmetics bag

I tried out a new way of shaping bag. It creates a trapezoidal shape with a slightly smaller bottom than top. I think it makes a better cosmetics case than pencil case, so I won’t be giving up my tried-and-true boxy pouch method, but I do like the variety.

blue lace cosmetics bag

I feel like that’s all that’s inspiring me with this project. A need for variety and a shamelessness when it comes to stealing from Pinterest.

blue lace cosmetics bag

#3: Oops, Another Cloud Coin Purse

Sorry guys… this one’s a bit different, I promise.

cloud coin purse

See, this one has top-stitching instead of hand embroidery! Totally different.

 #4: Backpack #2 (Still in-Progress)

I have another backpack underway. I modified my pattern a bit this time to get a slightly different shape and I’m using different fabrics.

backpack in progress

It’s going pretty well except that I totally forgot to sew the top piece. I literally forgot it existed. So now I have to seam-rip and cut and sew, etc. I’ll finish it next week.

there's supposed to be a-whole-nother piece in that seam :(
there’s supposed to be a-whole-nother piece in that seam 😦

I’m away at a speech and debate competition this weekend, so I won’t be sewing. I’m working on another fashion thoughts post though, so I won’t totally abandon you 🙂

What do you think of batch #2? I know it’s smaller than the first one. Sorry about that. This week has been hectic. Hope you like it anyway…



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