Sewing with My Little Sisters – Part 2

Two days ago I posted about sewing with my older little sister. Yesterday, my youngest sister wanted in on the action.

She picked some fabric out of my dad’s stash (the red version of a fabric I have in orange) and we started cutting. Luckily, there was a lot more fabric this time than in the other skirt, so it’s a lot poofier. My little sister didn’t really care, but it made me a lot happier.

little sister skirt

Because she’s only six, I did a bit more of the sewing for this skirt than the other one. I did the zipper, showing the older little sister the process as I went.

little sister skirt

She decided that she liked how the selvage looked at the bottom edge, so we didn’t hem it. The waistband is the reverse of the fabric.

little sister skirt

I sewed an exposed zipper and we added a button with a thread loop at the top. (Being away from my sewing supplies meant improvising a hook and eye.)

little sister skirt

And look! They posed together in their skirts nicely! And then not so nicely.

little sister skirt

little sister skirt

I loved sewing with the two of them. After we finished taking these pictures, the older little sister made another little pouch. We pieced some of her fabrics together to make a “new fabric” (as she described it).

We sewed up the pouch the same way as the other one. It ended up a little differently shaped, but that was my fault for measuring for 5/8″ seam allowances and sewing 1/4″. Ha.Whoops.

please excuse the pencil outline!
please excuse the pencil outline!

The “D” is for Daddy. The other pouch got an “M” for Mommy. They’re going to be late Valentine’s Day gifts.

little sister pouches

Hope you all like these little sewing projects!! I’ll have more craft fair sewing in the next few days, and a whole new big project!!!! YAY!


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