What’s In the Sketchbook – Volume 2, Issue 2

Hi everybody!! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

I’ve been sketching again. It’s been pretty cool. They’re all gowns, but the last ones are the coolest (so if you’re bored, scroll down).

ballgown sketch

This was the first. I was playing with different ways of structuring ruffles/overly large circle skirts. It’s kinda a terrible drawing, now that I’m looking at it… hmm…

ruffle ball gown

This was another ruffly one. I really like that one ruffle (the highlighted one). I feel like it has sass.

pleated ball gown

So then I started thinking about this fabric I have in my stash that I’ve been wanting to use since I got it but haven’t found a reason to. It’s an off-white, wool-blend suiting given to me by my grandmother, on the bolt. If you can believe it, it was bought to be sewn into cheerleader uniforms for my mom in high school. It’s got this beautiful drape, but the color is really kinda sad.

In the above sketch, I started playing with the idea of a long pleated skirt out of the fabric. I shaded in an ombre effect to see if I liked how it looked. I do. This ombre idea gradually developed over the net few sketches into a dip-dye idea with a contrast color at the bottom fading into the off-white.

At this point, I went back to my Pinterest boards for more inspiration. And I fell down the fairy-costume rabbit hole.

I have a thing with fairy costumes. One of my very first costumes (5th grade) was a fairy, and since then I’ve always wanted to make another. My twin sister was obsessed with fairies for a long time too (still is), which fed my obsession. It’s one of those things where sketches of fairy costumes always pop up into my sketchbook, but I always go do I want that to be my fairy costume? It’s like I have this you-can-only-make-one mentality, so I’ve been waiting for a really great idea.

Well, when I was sketching this, I got over that stupid mentality and got a great idea. (At least, I think it’s great.)

fairy costume sketchbook page

Here’s the page from my sketchbook.

I know my handwriting/cursive is crappy, so I’ll translate. Basically the dress portion is all light, flowy, elegant, etc. The skirt is made of the off-white fabric (dip-dyed a contrast color) and the tank portion is of a chiffon-like fabric (off-white also). The bottom and top edges have small flower details (highlighted in the picture).

That part is sort of the testament to my stereotypical side. I mean, it doesn’t scream fairy, but it’s more fairy than the jacket. It’s the light in the light v. dark motif I’m building (sorry … english student budding in).

The jacket is where things get more me. It’s the dark, structured, sassy, sharp contrast to the light flowy underneath. The jacket is all hard angles, with a peak collar and contrast cuffs. The flower details are subtly brought into the collar. And the best part: the wings come out of the jacket. No strappy nonsense here.

I don’t really like the wings I sketched there, so I made myself a whole page of references. I don’t really like any of them either though… well, I’ll figure that out.

wings concept art

I think this fairy costume is going to be my next Big Costume Project. I’ll probably sew some smaller dresses along the way, but this is definitely on my to-do list.

What do you guys think? Do you like what I’m doing with the light-dark contrast?



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