Sewing for Craft Fair – Part 3

Hi! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend 🙂

This project is DONE! The “craft fair” (it’s really a farmers’ market but I’m calling a craft fair cuz that makes more sense) is today. I’ll post tomorrow about how it went. For now, assume the best.

BTW: you can read parts one and two of this series for more information and pretty pictures. And this post is going to be really long, so brace yourselves. (Just scroll and look at the pretty pictures. It’s all about the pretty pictures.)

#1: Crochet Clutch/Coin Purse

The idea for this purse came from Etsy. Sadly, I’m not awesome enough to come up with this idea. You can visit the shop that inspired me here.

It starts with a half-circle lace-y crochet thing. (Don’t say the word doily. Just don’t. Please.) I looked at a few examples on Pinterest and then just free-handed the pattern. I probably should have written down what I did as I was going but … that didn’t happen.


Here’s my version. I blocked it a bit so that it lays flat, which actually turned out a lot better than I expected. I needed to cut it so that it was actually a semi-circle, but, other than that, I was really happy with how it came out overall.

I sewed it into this 🙂 The crochet is entirely hand-sewn down, so it doesn’t shift or move when you pick up the case. The stitches are hidden in the yarn.

crochet purse
btw the color is off in this pic, the one below is more accurate

Open, it looks like this.

crochet purse

crochet purse
the inside

I think my favorite part of this was the crocheting. The sewing was, frankly, kinda boring. I like the result though.

#2: Mini Wallet

I don’t really have anything interesting about this. It’s just big enough for a credit card and some cash to fit into. The lining is from a swatch I ordered from mood. I had to piece it to make it fit.

mini wallet

I used a special press thing to install the snaps. They’re so freaking awesome.

mini wallet

#3: Backpacks #2

I used a different method for constructing this backpack than I did for the last one and the next two. It came together a bit easier, but I measured wrong so it came out smaller that I expected.

blue and white backpack

I feel like I did a pretty good job on the detailing for this backpack. All my topstitching looks nice and I didn’t forget to topstitch anything major. I really like topstitching denim because I feel like it makes it look 100 times more professional.

I lined it in a creamy blue cotton. It closes with a drawstring.

blue and white backpack

#4: Backpack #3

This backpack came together really quickly. I sewed it at the same time as the next one and both of them probably came together in 1 1/2 the regular time for one. I always forget how much faster it is to sew two of the same thing at the same time, rather than separately.

I’m thinking of making a PDF pattern and tutorial for these backpacks. Would that be something you’d be interested in?

grey birds backpack

grey birds backpack

I gave this one a pocket! I really like how it looks. Plus: functionality is always good 🙂

#5: Backpack #4

This is the last one. I swear. I know I went a little crazy…

pink flowers backpack

As you can see, I did the drawstring a little differently on this, using a casing and only 2 grommets. I’d love to say that the choice was fueled by a need to differentiate my sewing, but I was really just running out of grommets.

pink flowers backpack


#6: Black Silk Wallet

This project is kinda frustrating for me. My first attempt at this project ended up too small.

red bow wallet

But it was also really, really cute. And it’s my Gertie Dress fabric, so I’m about a 1000 times more emotionally attached to it than I should be.

Anyway, my first try was a failure. I went back to my initial sketches and measurements, made some changes in where the pockets for cards would be, and sewed this lovely black silk wallet up.

black silk wallet

So I spent all this time arranging the pockets so that they’d be out of the way of the zipper end … and I got it backwards. Ugh. Fortunately, it’s big enough that you can still get cards into it.

I chose the pink zipper for a pop of color. Without it, I was worried the whole thing would be too monotone.

black silk wallet

The silk is actually the bottom four or five inches of a pencil skirt my grandmother gave to me. It was too long, so I kept the excess when I hemmed the skirt to fit me. I think that’s like the ultimate stash-busting project.

#5: Mini Silk Wallet and coin Purse

I have SO MUCH STUFF in my stash. It’s amazing. This wallet is made from the silk ribbon at the bottom of what I think was a sari. It was given to me by one of my grandmother’s friends who spent some time travelling (and buying fabric) in Asia.

silk ribbon mini wallet

Adding the pocket for a credit card was actually inspired by the black and pink mini wallet above.

silk ribbon mini wallet

The hand-stitching was an afterthought. I had just pressed the edge under and sewn it up, only to realize later that it really needed a line of stitching keeping the edge in place. I kinda like the look it gives it though.

It was attached to a strip of grey silk, which I sewed (admittedly sloppily) into a coin purse.

#6: Yet Another Cosmetics Case

I had some scraps I wanted to use so I sewed this cosmetics case up. I’m a little frustrated by it because I wanted it to be long enough to use as a pencil case, but the scraps weren’t big enough. Ugh.

grey and blue cosmetics case

Yes, it’s the same fabric as backpack #2.

grey and blue cosmetics case

OMG that’s finally the last one. Haha.

Here’s all of it together (minus the backpacks)

things to sell

If you got all the way to the bottom of this post, thank you 🙂 You’re wonderful.

I’d really like to hear your feedback on these little projects. I know it’s not what I usually sew, so I’m wondering what you’re thinking: more little stuff or get back to the dresses already? I’m definitely in the latter category. I’m ready for a new big costuming project.

Hope you liked it 🙂



10 thoughts on “Sewing for Craft Fair – Part 3

  1. Everything is adorable. You are so talented! I love the silk coin purse and what a great idea-little pockets inside. I sew something similar (in cotton-nothing so fancy)and will give a try to the place to put cards. Super cute!! Hope the craft fair went well.


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