1 Year Anniversary!

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my blog 🙂 Strings Attached is officially one year old. It’s, like, walking and mumbling random things now. It’s first sentence was, I love to sew.

I’ve done a lot here in a year!

This is my 91st post. That’s practically 2 posts a week, and that’s including a few months there where I abandoned you all (sorry about that).

Really early on, I made myself some clothes for practical wearing. I made a pair of navy shorts, a pair of printed shorts, and a summer blouse.

On the less-practical end, I made a Jasmine costume, a red riding hood cloak, a striped dress, a plaid dress, a blue dress, and an orange dress.

I made lots of pencil cases and small things, which led to me selling my sewing at my very first craft fair.


That got me back into my Etsy Shop.

Through all of this, I’ve come to a better understanding of why I sew. I explored my fashion and sewing background in January and wrote this.

I sew because I love to, not because I need a new wardrobe. I sew because it quiets that nagging voice in my head that needs to createconstantly and the one that needs to organize and fiddle and perfect something totally and completely mine. It’s my thing that isn’t mainstream (like my music taste), isn’t school-related (like everything else in my life), isn’t complicated by family or friendship problems, and doesn’t exist as a shared entity in my life between me and my twin sister. It’s the thing I do well that doesn’t go back to books and memorized facts and GPAs and the eternal will-it-get-me-into-college question. It’s my creative outlet where I can do anything I want and no one can tell me I’m wrong. I don’t do it to get followers (though, come on, I love you all and would love if there were more of you) and I don’t do it to fulfill challenges and resolutions and goals. I do it on my time for myself. 

This blog helped me really understand this. It’s helped me grow as a sewist, a seamstress, and a lover of all things fabric. It’s helped me channel that little girl crawling on my grandmother’s sewing room floor, begging to get to play with fabric, into my everyday life.

Writing about my sewing has made me more dedicated to my sewing. Sharing my sewing with all of you and reading all your comments has made me more confident about my sewing. Becoming a member of the sewing-blog community has made me appreciate sewing more in general.

In short, this has been an amazing year. 

Thank you to everyone who has followed me, or commented, or liked one of my posts. You guys are what make me keep writing and sharing.

I hope you all stick around for year 2! And I’d love it if you brought some of your friends into the Strings Attached family 🙂




11 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary!

  1. I think you’re amazing too, but maybe I’m biased a bit. I have to say though that your description “…I sew because it quiets that nagging voice in my head that needs to create constantly and the one that needs to organize and fiddle and perfect something totally and completely mine..” that is the mantra that has kept me employed for the last 20 or so years, and you said it so eloquently. You did not fall far from the tree, my dear, and I guess that makes me a very proud, uh, tree… uh, ya.


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