Cayenne Plaid Shirt – McCalls 6613 Review


This story starts with a sale on Mood Fabrics online store and ends with me possibly never taking this shirt off. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

Okay, back to the beginning. A week or so ago, Mood put this fabric on sale and I bought some of it (in the cayenne and the blue/rose variation).

Marc Jacobs Cayenne/Brown Plaid Cotton Voile

It is seriously amazing fabric. It’s super thin and flowy—perfect for summer—and super soft. It is wonderful to wear (and why I will possibly never stop wearing this shirt).

The Basics

I knew I wanted to make a loose-fitting, casual, button-up shirt, but that still left me with a lot of options. I eventually decided on McCalls 6613 because it has a yoke and it’s really loose. I never really wear my button-up shirts buttoned-up, so loose is my main goal.

Since my fabric is plaid, the lack of seams down the front was also appealing. I knew I was short on fabric (3/8 of a yard less than what the pattern called for) so I didn’t want to deal with matching the plaid. Ironically, I ended up with 1/4 yard extra at the end, though I did leave out the hem facing.

I cut size small. I cut the yoke on the bias and lined it in muslin instead of the self-fabric, which was different from the pattern. I didn’t cut the front placket on the bias like it’s shown in the picture and I skipped the pockets entirely.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

It actually went remarkably well. It was my first set-in sleeve in … a year, and my second collar ever (1st was 5 years ago), but they both went fine. It’s oddly satisfying how nicely a collar goes together.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

All the sewing took me about three or four hours, spread over two days and between other sewing. Even though the fabric was annoyingly thin, the whole thing came together easily. I sewed up all the exposed seams as French seams, so it’s all nice and pretty.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

I chose the curved hem (and shortened it by 6 inches, though I wish I hadn’t shortened it as much). I really like how it looks. Instead of the hem facing, I used lace trim.

Pattern Review

I’d definitely recommend the pattern if you’re looking for a quick sew and a loose-fitting garment. I felt like the pattern was really nicely made; I didn’t have any problems with pieces not fitting together correctly or being wrongly marked. I has a lot of different options for the sleeves and pockets.

It included a whole page of instructions on modifying the pattern to fit you perfectly, which would be great if it had any hope of being a fitted pattern ever. I really don’t see why you would make any adjustments like that because it’s such a loose garment, but whatever floats your boat.

my face: what is this sleeve doing?
my face: what is this sleeve doing?

The sleeves are really loose, awkward to wear down (in my opinion) but really nice rolled up to the elbow. The cuff went together smoothly and I like the pleat at the side of the sleeve.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

Final Thoughts

I’m in love. Mostly with the fabric, though the pattern is good too.

Cayenne Plaid Shirt | Strings Attached

I have enough of this fabric again in blue to make the shirt again, in blue. I’m definitely going to whip it up in the next few days, and I don’t even have to make any alterations, except lengthening the hem a bit 🙂


Thanks for reading. What do you think?

–Samantha 🙂

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