Starry Night Dress – Part 2


It’s been a little while, but in my last post, I talked about my ill adventures in Butterick 6090. This is where I left off

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I wasn’t happy with the bodice, especially since I messed up the shoulder seam. I took it all apart the next day and started working on my new idea.

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I used the bodice from Butterick 5748 as a template to redraw the top of the bodice. As you can see below, I laid the original lower bodice piece under B5748’s bodice and taped a piece of wax paper on top. I traced a new upper piece from there.

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I then cut out the wax paper template and cut it out of the starry fabric. I lined the new piece with the same fabric so all the edges would be nicely finished.

I went through a similar process with the back piece, though, because B5748 has a low back neckline, I free-handed the neckline. Mostly, I wanted to make sure the shoulders and armholes would match. I lined the two pieces up at the center back and darts.

before I cut the new neckline and armholes

I left the extra room at the edge because I knew I was going to take in the seam there anyway and wanted to do it through a fitting instead of hoping that the pattern was still correctly altered to fit me. As it ended up, I needed that extra room.

with the new neckline cut
with the new neckline cut

Now I went back to actually sewing the bodice. The front came together fairly easily and, after pinning it on my dressform, I felt a huge wave of relief. I am definitely more confident and happy with this neckline, and I feel like it represents my aesthetic more.

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I finished the armholes individually for each pattern piece, because the upper bodice piece was lined and the back and lower bodice needed facings. If I make the pattern again, I will face it all at once (or line the whole thing), but I think the construction did not suffer too much.

The side seams are French seams for a nice, clean, fray-free look.

Now it was time to start thinking about the collar. I sketched out two different templates and pinned them on to compare.

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I chose the left (in the picture) piece for the front collar and the right one for the back collar. I cut the pieces out of the black fabric and started sewing. I also sewed on and hemmed the skirt.

I kinda faked the front opening. It’s sewn shut from the hips down and closes with snaps above that. I sewed pink buttons on the outside (but they aren’t functional). I still don’t know how to make my machine make a buttonhole, so I just kinda avoided that.

I will have pictures of the finished dress for all of you next week! For now, thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear what you think of the bodice’s transformation!

–Samantha 🙂

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