At the Craft Fair Again


It’s been crazy at Strings Attached HQ, mostly because it’s AP test season and I’m dying. I have AP european history coming out of my ears. Seriously. But after this Friday, things should get back to normal ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than my steampunk fairy, which I will post more about tomorrow, I’ve been working on another round of things to sell at a local farmers’ marker/craft fair. You can see an overview of the items I made last timeย here and more detailed descriptions of them here in part one, here in part two,ย and here in part three.

I have to thank the group at my school that hosted this event within the market which allows high school and younger students to have a booth at no cost to them. Otherwise, I would never have been able to do this ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have close of pics of most of these items, because I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pics before I set up my table (by which point it was too late). Here are some pics I took there.

Selling at the market

Craft Fair Items

One of my friends shared a table with me this time and sold some of her handmade bracelets, making the whole process a lot more fun.


Also, it was a wonderful SoCal spring day, cooler than the 90ยบ weather we’ve been having (bleh) and not raining (like it was last time).

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this selling-things-I’ve-sewn thing. I figured some things out:

  1. It is worth the extra time it takes to make the more interesting items. I made more simple things this time, nothing like the smocked and embroidered pouches from last time, which I think was a mistake. The novelty of things like smocking I felt brought more people to my booth last time, and I missed that yesterday.ย smocking pouch
  2. People love novelty prints. I made a pencil case with leftover fabric from my dotted skirt and a smiley face sun print my grandmother gave me and people loved it.Smiley Sun Pencil Case
  3. I need a sign and some sort of 3-D display. I think having all my stuff laying flat made it way harder to see than it should be.
  4. I also need a bigger table. Honestly, it was kinda comical trying to get all of my stuff and my friend’s stuff on a 4′-by-4′ card table. On that same note, I need a table cloth that isn’t just a piece of fabric from my stash.ย my overflowing table
  5. Business cards are awesome. I printed out both price tags with my contact information and just plain business cards and lots of people who didn’t buy anything picked up a card, which was really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ย Strings Attached

Most of all though, I realized that I really like selling my stuff. Enough so that I actually want to put energy into the aforementioned improvements and take the time out of my costuming sewing and put it toward sewing more interesting little things. Ideally, I’d get to a point where I could sell some actual dresses and skirts, though sizing seems like a problem.

Also, since I’m gearing up for this huge steampunk project, having some money from sewing to use for sewing is awesome. I no longer feel like this project is going to leave me completely and totally broke ๐Ÿ™‚

If you came by my table at the market today, please comment below! I’d love to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚ย Also, please follow my blog! You can enter your email in the box at the right side of the post.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of my items and/or my conclusions about selling handmade goods? Any more tips?

–Samantha ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “At the Craft Fair Again

  1. I think people definitely love fun novelty prints. Something that catches their eye. I’m glad you get a buzz from selling. It’s fun!


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