More Summer Goals

Hi everybody!

So a few weeks ago (sorry for the delay), before my summer vacation started, I laid out some goals I wanted to accomplish before the end of summer (August 10 … bleh … too early). Since then, I’ve been informed by some family members things I’ve forgotten, and I’ve come up with some more of my own. So… the list is getting longer.

10. Sew Baby Quilts

My grandmother’s quilt guild (well, one of the ones she’s a member of cuz she’s awesome and is a member of like three) makes small quilts and donates them to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a local hospital where severely premature babies are hospitalized. The hospital uses the quilts to cover the “cribs” and gives them to the families as gifts during the stressful time of having a baby in the NICU. The quilts are made with simple patterns for ease on the sewists and bright colors to bring some joy into the NICU.

I’ve been helping my grandmother pick out fabrics for them since before I could walk (actually, literally), and my grandmother taught me to sew through them. Also, my twin and I were born two months premature and spent a night in the NICU, so I’m a NICU baby myself. I’d never really considered it part of my heritage, but I recently went with my grandmother when she delivered the quilts  and it was a really touching experience. Everyone there was so excited that they could tell the parents who received the quilts that a “NICU baby” helped make them. So now I guess I’m a NICU baby for real 🙂

So, I’m personally connected to this project in a lot of ways. It’s both my sewing heritage and my actual heritage. Recently though, I haven’t had much time to help out with them (my grandmother, on her own, has made over 200 baby quilt tops in the last year or two). So I’m adding Making Baby Quilts to my list of goals 🙂

11. Make a Printable PDF Backpack Pattern (From Scratch)

I mentioned making a PDF backpack pattern a few months ago when I was showing off things I was going to sell at a local craft fair and some of you seemed interested. Also, making a PDF pattern has been something I’ve been interested in for a while, and the backpack seemed like a good place to start since it’s all rectangles basically.

Here’s a version of the backpack the pattern is based off of.

I’ve actually already made a lot of progress on this summer goal. I’ve written up a rough draft of the instructions, and yesterday I created all the pattern pieces in Adobe Illustrator (thanks to my sis for letting me use her computer which has the program 🙂 ). I was also teaching myself Illustrator at the time, so it was a bit of an experience. Lol.

It’s going pretty well, though I’m fighting with the program trying to get it to print correctly. Bleh.

backpack pdf full 1 PIC cropped

But look how cool and professional it looks so far! (There’s obviously more but I don’t want to post the whole pattern. Duh)

I still have to polish the directions and add diagrams and pictures and do all the formatting. And before I upload the pattern to my etsy shop, I’d like some sewists to try out the pattern for free and basically tell me what was confusing, what needs to be fixed, and what worked well so I can make some changes. I’ll have a more official post about this project in a week or so, I think, where I’ll ask for volunteers 🙂 If you think you’d be interested, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section here too.

12. Everyday Dresses

I don’t really wear dresses all that often (something I talked about when I was examining the differences between my regular wardrobe and my sewing wardrobe), but I’m trying to wear them more often and that involves, well, having dresses.

So I need more dresses that I can actually wear out of the house and to informal occasions. And because summer in SoCal is so freaking hot they need to be short, light, and cool.

This is another goal I’ve actually made headway on already. Again, I’ll post about it more later but here’s a little sneak peak 😉

Pink Plaid Dress Sneak Peak

That’s about it on the sewing goals, for now. I’ll be posting more about these projects soon. Lots is happening at Strings Attached HQ 🙂

What do you think? Are you interested in my backpack PDF pattern?

Thanks for reading

Samantha 🙂

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