Steampunk Fairy Costume – Part 5

Hi guys!

This is going to be my accessories and finishing touches post for my steampunk fairy costume! You can read the first four of my posts on this costume here, if you’re interested 🙂

I’ve been going thrift shopping and yard saling throughout the course of this costume and have bought little items to be steampunkified (that’s totally a word, lol), and used as accessories. I feel like half of the steampunk battle is properly accessorizing, and I really want to win the battle. Also, I think it’s the accessories that will bring the steampunk elements together with the fairy elements and really make the costume a cohesive piece.

Fairy Dust

Anyway, among those thrifted items were these little bottles. As soon as I saw them, I knew that they would make perfect containers of “fairy dust”.

to be fairy dust - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

I started by taking some leather cording and twine and, with the help of a lot of hot glue, wrapped the bottles so that there would be something to hang them from. I then rummaged through my neighbor’s collection of wine corks (borrowed for previous crafting purposes) until I found ones that fit in the bottles.

I made and printed out labels for the fairy dust and then got to work on the actual, you know, dust. My sister’s blue dust is just kosher salt with a few drops of food coloring and a dash or two of sugar (thanks Pinterest).

fairy dust - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

This bottle will be part of my sister’s steampunk fairy (coming soon) by the way. The one below is mine.

fairy dust - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

I tried that with red food coloring for my fairy dust, but it failed spectacularly. So I went with plan B: gold seed beads, gold glitter, and sugar, which actually worked remarkably well.


After finishing with the fairy dust, I went to work on the wings for my costume. To give you some context, I’ve always imagined these wings and sculpted out of gold wire entirely. No cellophane, no sheer fabric, just wire.

I started out with a sketch of a butterfly’s wing that I altered into a slightly more fairy-like wing and then scaled up to full-size on the back of some wrapping paper (my go-to option for pattern-making in the absence of actual pattern paper).

wings sketch - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

wings - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

I bought some thin (26 gauge) wire from Michaels and started wrapping the wire into the shape of the wing. The outer edge I made of a slightly thicker wire, which I used as a base.

Wow, did this take forever. I think I spent a total of like 10 hours just making the wings over about a week. Bleh. Considering, though,  that I had never worked with wire like this before and was using the random pair of pliers I pulled out of my junk drawer to help with the wrapping and some garden shears to cut the wire, I think I did pretty well.

wings - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

I added little seed beads around the edge for emphasis and some texture. (It was a total pain)

wings detailing - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

Here are the wings, all finished, positioned over the back of the corset.

wings - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

I LOVE them 🙂

All that’s left for them is to make the contraption which will hold them up. Since the corset is tight sturdy enough, I’m going to attach the wings to a panel which will attach with snaps to the inside of the back panel, allowing the wings to poke up through between the lacings.

Speaking of the corset, I finally got around to adding modesty panels to the back of the corset. They’re just two panels of the self fabric hand-sewn to the main body of the corset to cover up the gap between the laces. I didn’t bone them or anything because I didn’t think the corset needs any more boning and I was feeling lazy.

modesty panels - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached
you can see the modesty panels here


I finally got around to the shorts! And, yeah, I decided to do shorts (I was previously considering shorts). I used the same pattern I’ve used to make shorts in the past (McCalls 6403) and used this beautiful brown woven fabric from Joanns.

shorts - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

DISCLAIMER: yeah, I’m wearing leggings under the shorts in this picture. I’m not proud of it, but this fabric is so freaking itchy. It was literally killing me. So leggings in this picture and tights on the actual day, okay?

shorts - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

Do you like the key ring? I got the keys from the dollar bin at Michaels and slipped them unto a D-ring I already had. I was going to add them to the bustle, but it wasn’t really working and the shorts felt left out.

I put the shorts together from 9:00 to 11:20 (when my sister dragged me off to bed) one night in a fit of needing to get stuff done. They came together quickly, once I went back and looked at this amazing tutorial for sewing a zipper fly, though I had trouble with the fitting.

I think the main problem is that I’m just not patient enough to do the fitting adjustments that need to be done to this pattern. I have the resources to work it out, and the ability to just buy a different pattern, but I’m lazy. Next time…

For the most part, I think they ended up looking okay fit-wise, but there is definitely something wonky going on at the side.

so maybe the side seam needs some fit work...
so maybe the side seam needs some fit work…

I think the back looks nice though 🙂 And I like the cuff I added.

shorts - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

That’s about it for now! I just have a few more accessories I’m working on for this costume, but I want to keep them to myself for a bit. Well, I’ll give you a peek at the steampunk goggles I’m working on…

steampunk goggles - Steampunk Fairy Costume | Strings Attached

(Yeah, those were actual swim goggles a few coats of paint and Rub N Buff ago.)

I feel like this costume is finally coming together. Honestly, it’s basically all done. I haven’t put everything on together yet because I want it to be this big surprise when it’s all actually done (the waiting is killing me). Is the waiting killing you?

What do you think about the wings? The shorts? The fairy dust and goggles? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! Please like, follow, and comment 🙂

–Samantha 🙂


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