Steampunk Fairies’ Hats

Hi guys!

It’s been a crazy week here at Strings Attached HQ with me working at all possible times on my steampunk fairy costumes (one for me and one for my sister, which I’ll post about tomorrow). Comic-Con, where they will be worn,  is in just a few days and I have been rushing to get everything done.

Part of both the costumes (and a steampunk staple) is a steampunk top hat. Pinterest has a gazillion examples, but I didn’t try to recreate any of them specifically.

With my hats, I wanted to focus on combining the steampunk elements of the costumes with the fairy ones. I wanted my costume to have a more “earth fairy” vibe and my sister’s an “ocean fairy” vibe.

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

ocean fairy - Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

Here are some pics and below is a walk-through of my process that could maybe act as a tutorial and more pics 🙂 Enjoy!

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached


Earth Fairy Steampunk Hat (maybe a tutorial?)

I started out with this cheap fleece-covered top hat from Amazon.

My first step was to cover the ugly fleece in scraps of the shorts fabric. Mostly this was for continuity, but I also really hated the fleece and it was really badly sewn on (I would not recommend the hat for anything other than a base to be covered).

I basted a circle onto the top of the hat and then slip-stitched a rectangle around the body of the hat.

covering the hat - Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

I pulled in two darts at the sides so the fabric would lie flat and then slip-stitched the dart closed.

covering the hat - Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

I covered the brim with smaller scraps, pulling in pleats on both sides. All the pleats got hand-stitched down so they would lie flat. I didn’t bother finishing the edge where the brim met the hat because I knew it was going to be covered in flowers and not show.

the brim - Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

Hat covered, I moved on to the decorations. I had a random assortment of fake flowers, gears, seed beads, and this weird gold comb I picked up at Goodwill. Here’s the arrangement I decided on.

initial ideas for the decorations
initial ideas for the decorations

Now for the hot glue! So much hot glue…

First I glued the red flowers around the brim.

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

I’d love to say that I carefully thought out the order of the decorations and glued them all on very carefully, but that’d be lying. I just kinda started gluing and kept gluing things on to cover up the glue. It was a bit of a mess, but I think it looks really nice.

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

So if you’re going to try this, my best advice would be to arrange stuff ahead of time and then try to recreate it. And be careful with the hot glue because it really isn’t that subtle sometimes.

For extra details, I glued some gold seed beads into the centers of the flowers and some gears on the leaves.

seed bead detailing!
seed bead detailing!

At the very end, I glued the steampunk goggles I had made to the center and tucked the ribbons under the flowers. The goggles started out as regular swim goggles (more square ones, though, not thin round ones), which I painted with black acrylic paint, copper Rub’N’Buff knockoff, and a metallic paint pen (for touchups), and decorated the edges with round stick on gems, painted metallic. I replaced the nose bridge with leather cording and added black ribbons for the ties at the sides. Sorry I didn’t take pics of the process.

goggles - Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

Ocean Fairy Steampunk Hat (even less of a tutorial)

For the ocean hat, I went through a similar process, but with tulle. I’m not even going to attempt a tutorial because I think my method didn’t really work. I basically just layered and bunched tulle around the brim and then kinda glued it down (but that’s a pain because tulle is, well, porous so the glue goes through the fabric straight onto your poor fingers holding it in place).

so much tulle....
so much tulle….

For the “octopus”, I took these weird fake floral stems (honestly, I have no idea what they’re trying to be, but I bought them in the fake flower section at Michaels) and glued them curling around the hat like tentacles. I circled the last one over itself to make the “body”. But then I kinda hated it so I covered it in more tulle.

the "octopus" covered by a "wave"
the “octopus” covered by a “wave”

I finished it off with some decorative gears, a little toy ship pencil sharpener, and some little blue seed beads.

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

Steampunk Fairy Hats | Strings Attached

What do you think? Of the hats or my attempts at tutorials? 

I can’t wait to show you guys the whole costumes all together!! I’m having my first official try-on with everything today and I’m SO EXCITED! I’m really worried about getting everything done for Comic-Con but I haven’t gone into full Freak Out Mode yet so I’m thinking things are good  🙂

I hope you’re really excited too! Wish me good luck and fast sewing! Thanks for reading,

Samantha 🙂

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