Blue Steampunk Fairy Costume – Part 1

Hi guys!

So this post is a little out of order because I already showed you pictures of the finished costumed at Comic-Con earlier this week. But, I still wanted to do some short posts on the making of this costume, the companion to my red steampunk fairy costume.

I didn’t really start with a sketch, just some ideas. I wanted to continue the draped, bustle-y theme through from the red costume into my costume, but I knew I wasn’t going to make another hoop skirt, so I settled for a draped skirt.

Now, one thing that I think is important to understand for this post was the timeline. I had started planning this costume and ordering fabric in mid-June, when I was still making the red costume. But the fabric didn’t arrive until Wednesday July 1 and my deadline was Thursday July 9. This costume became a reality in one week.

Okay, so back to the actual sewing. I started by trying to drape the two yards of lovely blue silk I had bought from Mood Fabrics. My attempts were trying to emulate the classic silhouette of Victorian dresses with a modern twist. They failed hilariously.

skirt fail - steampunk fairy blue
bleh ….
skirt failure - blue fairy steampunk
even more bleh

With two days left and no way to make the skirt work, I scrapped the draped idea and decided to go with a petticoat-ish style. My sister grudgingly okayed the idea, so I started working.

Honestly, this part was actually really fun. I had already sewn the hard parts of the skirt (waistband, zipper, side seam, gathers, etc), so all I did was chop off the skirt at 20″ long. I cut the remainder into strips and sent it through my rolled hem foot on one side and my ruffler foot on the other.

witness the magic that is the ruffler foot
witness the magic that is the ruffler foot

It was soooo much fun. I love my ruffler foot. If you have one for your sewing machine, I would seriously recommend learning to use it. It’s super scary at first, but then it pays off so quickly. It’s not great for trying to gather a specific length to another specific length, but it is great for making ruffled strips that don’t have to be exact. And it makes you feel like a magician.

So I sewed the gathered strips in tiers to the body of the skirt and I was basically done! (Sorry for the ugly pic)

blue skirt - blue steampunk fairy

The only thing left for the skirt was to add little lobster clasps for accessories to hang from. Using embroidery floss (all six threads), I stitched the clasps to the waistband of the skirt, hanging down a few inches so that it would show.

lobster clasps - steampunk fairy


I was worried that the things would fall off, but it was actually okay. I stitched it to the waistband so that it would pull on the sturdy fabric, instead of the silk.

Steampunk Fairies at the Del

You can kinda see the skirt in this picture. I really wish I had had time to find a suitable underskirt/petticoat for the skirt because it really needs more body. But my petticoat was too long and I wanted more of a bell-shape. Before I take more pictures, I’m going to try to find one.

I’ll post about the making of the vest and wings soon.  For now, what do you think of the skirt? Have you had projects where the deadline was just too soon and you had to majorly change your original idea? Isn’t it freaky?

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you liked what you saw, please like, follow, and comment 🙂 And check out my brand new Instagram 🙂

— Samantha 🙂

5 thoughts on “Blue Steampunk Fairy Costume – Part 1

    1. Thanks Abigail! I have a Singer from the 50s (model 503 A). She is an amazing machine 🙂 you might be able to find a compatible ruffler foot for your machine even if it didn’t come with one, depending on the model. I wish you luck because it is a really amazing foot 🙂


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